Click Clack

For years…ok actually only 3 years, i’ve been using my Samsun MV 800 to take photos. come to think of it, 3 years is a considerable long life span for a point and shoot cam! anyways i loved it because it was the ultimate selfie camera because u can do this….

Essentially u can take a selfie with ease

I really loved it and i refuse to change to another camera unless it has the same function but unfortunately there’s none like it on the market right. Although there’s the Casio TR 150..

it’s a rather stupid camera because other than the selfie and beauty function, your other photos will be cui. 4x zoom only, max 15.2x in vga quality, really? if i had bought that to S.Africa, i wun be able to take photos of the safari animals already. For me i just need a camera that look stylish, compact, can take chio selfies with ease and has a good zoom so i can take pix of things far away.

I dunno anything else about a camera like what aperture, iso etc (don’t judge) so i dunnid a function-fancy camera, besides all these cameras are huge! imagine i bring an olympus pen-lite go clubbing, where i keep sia! then i also nidda fumble with all the buttons, by the time i’m already i probably miss the shot. And using those cameras to take a selfie is an arm work out every time.

So anyway after years, my samsung seem to be dying on me (i din take extra care also =x) like it will lag when taking pictures and sometimes the photo quality is really bad especially in low light. And i’m really considering to change a new camera, but i still haven found my dream camera yet! until that day i saw this on facebook..





like finally some engineer at samsung got a bit innovative and decide to pack all the goodness of a NX into a compact shoot-and-point camera! i only know NX is not bad cos cher has it but her’s is the current bigger version. Imagine my joy when i saw this! comes in my favourite color too!

the only downside of it is unlike the MV800, there’s no button on the back for easy grip when taking selfie..



so my hand may cramp from trying to take a selfie? especially a group selfie…especially a BIG GROUP selfie

but better than nothing right! ^^




and gimme discount for it since im promoting it? lol *shameless* somemore i really fit into their targeted audience what. seriously where got people passionate about cameras will buy this? it definitely for people like me who are camera noobs but cave in to the selfie-culture . Besides i need the self-shot mode to take my own OOTDs (which i haven post for a long time =P) Man really can’t wait for this to be out!!

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