Self Image

You know how you often look into the mirror and you tell yourself how unsatisfied you are with your looks. Then you realize you have low self esteem and confidence because you don’t think you look pretty enough?

This is an ad for Dove that focuses on self image. Just take 7mins of your time and watch this. I hope it changes your mind on how you perceive yourself as it did for me. For this ad, a reknown forensic composite artist (the person who sketches criminal faces based on witness description) sketches women based on how they describe themselves. Then he will ask them to describe another person they met and he will sketch a portrait. the whole time he doesn’t look at the particpants. The end result was amazing..

In this vid, u realise most of the women described themselves in a negative way hence they sketch looked really sad and all. But the sketch of the same person based on another person’s description was like a total different person! friendlier looking, more pleasant. Conclusion from this vid: We’re our worse critic

For the longest time last time, i never felt i was a really pretty girl. I was chubbier, i had high cheek bones and i have horrible teeth and a protruding jawline. So as much as im an outgoing person, im still very conscious about how i look and how people will judge me based on my look. Overtime i came to realise that there is no point dwelling and being upset about it and i should use other traits about myself to overcome those physical flaws (and also i went for invisaglin so my jawline and teeth become better) . Eventually, not saying that i think i’m very pretty, but i just feel more confident about myself. Of course there are still things that im not satisfied about and wish i can change them (my freckles especially) but I jus choose not to be bothered by it and work on other merits.

What I’m trying to say is, beauty is beyond superficial. If you have a great personality, confidence and a kind heart, it shows in your face in a glowy halo and people will see it. If u’re always negative about yourself, u become upset, angry and bitter inside. This negative vibe seeps out through your pores and affect how you see yourself in the mirror and how people see u. So starting from today, don’t be obssessed with how you look! you know how there are some girls who are REALLY PRETTY but don’t think they are!? i also don’t understand why they will think like that uh. Because got other pretty girl out there?  Seriously! 人比人氣死人, forever cannot finish one.

you don’t need people to tell you “you’re beautiful” to know that you are pretty (if there is then it’s jus a bonus)

you don’t need “likes” on instagram to justify how pretty you are

you don’t need many guys to chase after you to think you’re beautiful (because you just need that one guy who is true to you)

What’s important is how you perceive yourself. You can have loads of suitors, instagram likes etc but if u never feel u are pretty enough, these “gauges”of suitors and likers will never match up to your expectation.

Anyways if a guy likes you solely for your looks then he’s not a keeper.

and also

DON’T BE BOTHER BY HORRIBLE REMARKS MADE BY PEOPLE! people nowadays are so critical! i’m not saying im a saint and nvr bitch before bout how people look but be tactful with words. because u’ll never know when u’ll hurt someone enough to kill their self esteem

i remembered once i had this friend who said a particular blogshop model is “FUCKING UGLY!” . like what!? need so harsh not. Seriously now people just talk too freely. use a filter please. And honestly, how u behave and remark about others shows a lot about your character and class.

So all in all, always remember:

1) Don’t let others and society’s shallow judgement of beauty define your own beauty

2) U are your worst critic. so learn to love yourself more everyday

3) True beauty goes beyond superficial, what more important is a beautiful character!

4) if someone comes and tell you u’re ugly, just do this t(^-^t) or say ït takes one to know one” and walk away

haters gonna hate, u can’t please everyone. Moreoever people who have a lot of hate are jus JEALOUS =)


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