Not an awkward turtle

Past few days were crazy! Except sunday because instead of being at RF jam HANCAI party, i went to watch Disney On Ice (hur hur hur) bet i missed out a lot cos the girls were flooding whatsapp on and off and instagram looked great (sian) but Disney On Ice was not bad! Except i totally realise how i look at it very differently than when i was a kid.

Anyway about the title, this is an awkward turtle


Cos past few days was RF JAM so loads of dancers from overseas came down, especially reknown dancers. Although i do interact w some them big dancers, i wun talk a lot with them..

Not because im awkward

More like i feel i have to be more careful when i talk to them in case i offend them or say something disrespectful. So in a way i need to “warm up” with these people 1st before i can really have a conver with them.

I know i don’t have an issue w awkwardness becos i usually can really talk to people (e.g. jolene and i cypher-hop at post party and jus kept “hi! Whr r u from!?” At many dancers. Mayb cos of the alcohol too lol)

So anyways next time if u see someone who’s just quiet around new people, don’t go and “eh why, awkward ah?” Or “no need awkward la!”
Because now that u’ve said it, IT HAS BECOME AWKWARD!

Awkwardness is created by yourself- mianbao

Awkwardness is all in your minddddd

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