Guess Who’s Writing For One Of Streetwear’s Biggest Online Publication?

I’m back! I know I haven’t update this page in a long time. Guess I’m pretty much taking a hiatus. Not because I’ve ran out of ideas to write, it’s more like I haven’t found the time and energy to sustain writing!

Oh ya quick update. Earlier this month, a friend of mine told me that one of streetwear’s biggest online publication is hiring people to expand their editorial team. I didn’t think I would stand a chance but hey, no harm trying right? So I sent in my CV along with links to 3 of my articles here. Following that was a few days of phone calls, email exchanges, and a submission of more samples.

And guess what now? I’m a contributor for HYPEBEAST! Ok specifically I’m writing for the female division, HYPEBAE. So well, in case you do miss my writing, you can still hop over there and read the articles written by me. Until I’ve gotten used to the pace there and relieve myself of writer’s fatigue*, I doubt I’ll be updating here for a while.

TIll then!

*I don’t know if it’s a real thing but I don’t know how some people can blog some more after a full day of writing. Like I just feel my brain frying up while I stare at the blank page here. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back!


After months, I finally managed to login back into my wordpress. I had no idea what happened but wordpress refused to let me login so I haven’t been able to update at all.

But heads up, more content coming to you in a bit. A couple of exciting news to share:

  • I’d hit and went well over #365ootd!
  • #SNOBSHOTS features
  • New career switch (yes definitely linked to fashion)
  • My calling in fashion blogging

Yes, now that I’ve found my direction in fashion blogging, my content will more or less be more structured now. But the direction I’m going for may be a bit niche, but definitely not a minority fashion style group.

So stayed tuned and watch out for my updates.

And in case you’ve forget how I looked, here’s a reminder (or really, you can just follow my IG for daily updates)


(@minpoh and I rocking @aforarcade at Her World Fashion Walk last weekend in our personal styles)



Hair Situation @ The Comb



About 2 weeks back, I got approached by a personnel from The Comb Hair Studio to do a review for their hair services. I was really in need of a hair cut and hair dye but before I agreed, I have to find out more about the salon because I’m really picky about the salons I go to.

I had been going to a salon in FEP for years, before I switched to Kizuki + L.I.M at Raffles Hotel. Mainly because my stylist at Kizuki was super meticulous when she’s cutting my hair. Something which is important for me because I love having a uniform hair length. It’s way more difficult to cut uniform length than layered length by the way.

So Yoko (my stylist) really proved to me that she’s a really skilled stylist and I know my hair would be in good hands with her. Also, Kizuki had also to helped me achieve the ash hair color I’ve used to love without damaging my hair. So my hair had been in good health for a long time since I stopped going to FEP.

So, the 2 main things I look out for in a salon is

1) Skilled stylist

2) Hair Dye treatments that don’t kill your hair.

Now, bringing back the focus to The Comb Hair Studio. I found out that they are a Korean brand, so scoring one point on that. I mean you have to agree with me that Korean and Japanese Salons are generally better than the local / malaysian salons in terms of the products they use and the services they provide. Even you would have trusted a Korean / Japanese salon wouldn’t you?

Then, checking out their insta page. I literally lusted over the feed! I mean all the colors they can do!? Even spotting the Ash Blue color I’ve been dreaming of for a while.

(click to enlarge)

And reading the reviews of these people, it does seem that their dye jobs are legit and the hair don’t look damaged even after a few days (yea I went to stalk the customers to make sure =X) Also, you can see some of the short hair styles are very well-trimmed. I’m sold

So with that, I agreed to head down to get my hair down!

Located at 12 Gemmil Lane, it is near the CBD area. So OLs and people working around the area of Raffles and Telok Ayer will find it very accessible. On top of that, it’s also near Duxton area; consider cafe hopping after pampering your hair?


Simple interior with a cozy vibe


Apparently the salon is really big on providing the best experience for their customers. I mean how often do you come across a salon that serves premium beverages like TWG tea and Nescafe coffee. I rejected their offer because I have my coffee with me already.

Also, everyone in the salon are really friendly so you don’t get this intimidating vibe that you sometimes get when you step into a new salon for the first time.


My stylist for the day was Henry, who had had experience working in big name salons in both Seoul and Shanghai. Told him that I wanted to have my helmet hair back, along with a Blue-tinted black hair.

He did advice if I was sure to go that dark because if I want to go lighter next time, I’ll definitely have to bleach and my hair wouldn’t be able to take it because it’s quite fine. But of course I’m quite persistent on it because I’ve really taken a liking for darker hair for a while, makes me look fairer too!

So here’s my hair before…


As you can see my hair has already started to fade to brown although I dyed it black at Kizuki about 1 month back only.


And here it is after!


See the blue hue in the black!? Yea see properly, it’s not jet black, it’s kind of blueish!


I super love the color! The blue-black was even better than the one I did over at Kizuki. In terms of cut, I told Henry if he could layer the insides so that the shape looks even (Cos that’s what Yoko did for me and the shape was on point) but he advised against it because it’ll affect the volume.

So comparing the 2 cuts from the different stylists…


I actually still prefer Yoko’s cut because I wanted the more boxy effect. Wherelse Henry’s cut is the more rounded version.

Side by side comparison between before-stepping-in and after-stepping-out

So what’s my verdict?

Haircut- If I have to compare salons, skills wise they’re definitely on par. Henry was also very meticulous when he was cutting my hair and trimming the ends so that I can get the uniform length that I want. However I still prefer the Japanese style over the Korean style. Not saying that The Comb is not good; it’s a personal preference! So if you really have a hairstyle inspired by a Korean, then consider heading over to The Comb.

Hair Coloring- The Comb Hair Studio wins this hands down. Because after almost 2 weeks, my shampoo foam is still blueish! So goes to show their colors are really lasting. You can check my instan feed and see for yourself that my hair is still really dark. On top of that, I recalled leaving the salon with my hair smelling fab! There wasn’t the “dye-smell” that you usually have after a dye job so that’s quite a plus for me too.


In conclusion,  would I recommend The Comb? Of course, for Korean-inspired hairstyles and hair coloring.

Would I go back again? Definitely, for their hair coloring and I’ll probably try out their treatments to compare with Kizuki because I’ve seen a few reviews raving about them.

If you like to make an appointment with them or find out more about their services, contact them at:

The Comb Hair Salon

Going Solo #3: Staycation

Over the long weekend, I booked a staycation at the Lloyd’s Inn. Most of the time people go for a staycay with friends or their bf/gf. But for me, I really needed me-time to rejuvenate for the crazy month ahead.

I’ve always wanted to go Lloyd’s Inn because I like accommodations with loads of natural lighting and space. Studio M is one such other hotels but I’ve tried there once so I need a change.

Studio M; Bay windows and loft concept. All the spaciousness and cosiness I need

Big Garden Room @ Lloyd’s Inn aka my room. You can’t really see it but the wooden floorspace near the bottom of the pic extends to the other half the room, enough to put another 2 beds. BIG room I must say


It was fully booked on the website..

BUT! One hotel trick I learnt during my work in Ritz Carlton is, most hotels will block out some rooms from online booking for “just in case”. So if you ever get a full occupancy on the website, try calling in to their front desk to double check if they still have rooms available. #lifehack~

Having my own garden also means I don’t have to go all the way up to the roof terrance if i need fresh air. And these nights are getting crazy hot anyways


The signature “Alley” shot at Lloyd’s Inn where everybody goes there to take their ootd lol

All I did the whole time was chill by the pool, sleep (quite a bit), watch Games of Thrones and movies with beer, and blogging. Super chill I kid you not.

But with this crazy weather now, I was only out for like 2-3hours before I gave up and went back to my room


Why spend the money when I can rejuvenate at home, right?

Because (1) My mom thinks that I’m suppose to be doing housework when I’m not working so, as good as no break (2) I’m a sucker for hotel beddings (3) Need a break from the usual, familiar surroundings…

Aye~ it’s ok if you don’t get my point; I have my funny logic sometimes. But here are the pros & cons of a solo staycation..

PROS: You’ll have double beds to yourself with several pillows / You get to do your own things without disturbance / You can sleep as late as you want and wake up whatever time you like / when you don’t have the budget or leaves to go for vacation but you need a break, staycation is good enough.

CONS: You’re paying it yourself instead of sharing cost / not advisable for people who are too timid to sleep in unfamiliar places because you’ll just be paranoid. / Nobody to help you take photos especially when the place is REALLY nice (self-timer lo).

WILL I EVER DO IT AGAIN: Duh, now I’m basically more recharged, for the VERY, VERY Crazy Month of June.

I think taking time out for yourself is one of the most refreshing thing you can do for yourself. When you’re on your own, you do things at your own pace, you don’t have to accommodate to other people’s schedule and preference AT ALL, just basically your own time to do your own things. When you start working, you start to appreciate more Me-time for yourself than ever.

For the month of June, it’s gonna be Work / USS Parades / S24 Trainings / Yfest / Dance…
#bracingmyself (woots)

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight- 5 Golden Rules

On and off i’ll blog about non-fashion related things and today is one of those days. But anyway, for the longest while, my weight has been shuffling between 47-49kg, when I really aimed to be like 45kg and below.  And recently I just weighed in and I”m around 45.5kg (woohoo!) No, I’m not anorexic. It’s just when you had hit that weight before, you know you can do it and somehow I feel better about myself when I’m more petite. Like I feel more agile and confident.

So basically, I know a lot people have trouble losing weight because

a) Lazy to exercise

b) Cannot give up on food

Trust me, I have those same problems too! I’m thoroughly lazy in fact. So one day I just thought, since I have no time am lazy to go run or gym or exercise, I should do something about my diet. If you’re lazy like I am, just follow these 5 golden rules and you’ll lose about 3kg in 2 month at least (at least that’s what happened to me) without exercising!


1) Eat till you’re not hungry, not eat till you’re full.

This golden rule allow you to eat, but you just have to watch your portion. The truth about our body is, our brain is a bit slow to register how much food we really ate before it send signals to our stomach saying “stop!! you’re filling up!”. So when you eat till you feel full, you’ll end up feeling super bloated!

And when that happen, you stomach expands. That means next time you’ll have to eat more to feel satisfied. Yet, since you don’t work out, you’ll just accumulate a lot of unwanted calories, causing you to gain more weight. So remember, once you stop feeling hungry, you can stop yourself from eating more!

This is the biggest contributor to my weight loss actually. These days I tend to eat lesser and I also realise i feel more energetic because I’m not too stuffed.

2) Drink loads of liquid

By liquid I mean (in order of importance and intake): Water, Green Tea, Fruit Juice

Healthy liquids help to fill you up and technically will help you to lose weight. Green tea is known to increase your metabolism and sort-of help you lose tummy fats. And by green tea i meant the freshly brewed kind, not the bottled ones! And for fruit juice, I’d usually go towards the sour spectrum because those’ll really help you lose weight. Alternatively, try Red dragonfruit + mango + chinese pear; I accidentally discover this combi that not only taste good, but also has a detoxifying effect more effective than Skinny Mint.

Also, sometimes you’re really not hungry, just dehydrated but your brain just sends the wrong signal. So instead of grabbing a snack, drink a few glasses of water first. If half an hour later you’re still feeling hungry, maybe energy bar or fruit to snack on. When you’re lazy to exercise, it’s all about making healthy food choices already

3) Cut down on unhealthy food

Yes I know this is one of the hardest but SERIOUSLY, you can’t have the best of both world! Either you work out or you control your diet. And honestly, making the right diet choices is more effective than a hardcore workout routine.

I have a weakness for cakes and fried chicken wings…

but I limit them to once a week and on normal days I try to eat healthy stuff like salad or Chai fan with loads of veggies. One thing I realise since i cut down on snacking is, I get lesser cravings  and even when I do eat my “cheat-meals”, I don’t binge out like crazy and still follow rule one. Eventually I really stop thinking about snacking entirely. Also, I’ve also cut down eating processed food like instant ramyeon and luncheon meat (both are my favourites!!) because these are packed with sodium and eating too much will cause water retention.

4)  Ignore the negative voices

I HATE it when people go “wa your determination damn strong eh, if it’s me I really cannot“. Hmm well that’s your business isn’t it? Either you can keep envying me or you just step up and do it too DUH.

And also people who go “why make it so hard on yourself, just eat what you want !“.
Sorry dude, it may be difficult for you but I have NO issues with my diet choices. In fact I really enjoy my diet and I also don’t waste unnecessary money on food. In short, I just eat to live.

These are just some examples of negative voices, but you see how I counter them? Don’t be affected by other’s opinion for the (right) choices you make for yourself. If you know what’s good for you, just pursue it!

5) Don’t eat carbs after 8pm

This is also one of the biggest contributor to my weight loss! I forgot what’s the reasoning behind it but it’s like carbs, if not expensed as energy, would be stored as fats in your body. And by 8pm you’ll probably wouldn’t be very active and will sleep in a few hours times. So the carbs you ate will definitely become fats.

If you really have no choices, like you end work late or what, try to eat protein instead of carbs; like meat or just fruits and veggies will be even better.

So that’s it! It’s my lazy guide to losing weight.

Actually, ever since I’ve got my eating habit under control, I’ve reach the point where i wonder how people can binge on unhealthy food everyday! When I binge too much, I can literally feel the fats swimming to my thighs and I’ll feel very sluggish.

Then after that I will be stricter with my diet and liquid intake for the next few days. So, not being offensive but I have to say it because it’s a fact…I dunno how people can let themselves become morbidly obese…

HOW!? It’s like they’ve given up (huh!?)

This post is not aimed to psycho you or set unrealistic body image for girls out there. To me, losing weight is not just about looking good and fitting into petite clothes It’s about being healthy. As you can see, the 5 rules are all about healthy lifestyle and food choices that will help you lose weight. So not only will you get your ideal weight, you’ll also transform your body into a healthier one too!

Of course it’ll will be even more effective if you do cardio at least ONCE a week. For me I dance once a week and it’s cardio enough for me. It helps when you pick up something fun and enjoyable so you wouldn’t find it a chore to exercise.

Ultimately, I feel you just need to be determined for 3 weeks to form the habit and reboot your body and there after, everything will fall naturally! It helps too when you have a buddy to do this with you so you’ll motivate each other. #projectloseweightbehealthy guys! *fighting*