Why Mianbao?

I actually did this in my older blog but i haven’t update that page since donkey years ago so for the benefit of new people i met, i’m gonna explain WHY AM I CALLED MIANBAO

Literally any new people i meet will always

ALWAYS, ask me “why are you call mianbao?” and this is followed by a series of questions such as
“cause you like to eat bread?”
“cause you like mian bao chao ren (anpanman)”
“cause you look like anpanman?” (secretly offended ’cause my face ain’t that big >=| )
and to all the questions above NO!
the reason why i’m call mianbao is simple and kindda stupid to begin with

When i was still a kid in secondary school i’m always up to mischief and pretty rebellious but note, I’M NOT AN AH LIAN (but now i read back the old blog, i am SOOOOOOO ah lian *fml*)

Then i thought it would be cool to call myself “brat”. But to my disgust came a new series of dollz call “bratz” which are totally sluttish in my opinion. Back then i was also into everything Japanese so i translated “brat” to Japanese and used it as my friendster nick

A year later when i entered poly, one of the seniors asked me what’s gakini (brat in jap..which i assumed)

senior: she me shi gakini

me: oh brat lo

senior: orh..bread? as in mian bao ah?
Because he heard wrongly, he’s been making fun of me since then. Then when i got into NRA and went for the camp, i realise NRA has lik 5 stephs, including one who has the same surname as me. So in the end i introduced myself as “mian bao” cause i couldn’t come up with anything else and only that came to my mind. Since then the nickname got stuck

yeap there you go. not as cool as you though uh?
but well it helps people to remember me, and not forgetting the various mianbao/bread jokes over the years.
and in case you’re wondering, my chinese name is not mian bao, neither is it related! and also people tend to not know my real name at all ’cause they really just assume mianbao is my name

so to formally introduce myself, I am Steph, but you can call me mianbao =]


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