pour faire les macarons parfaits

The title translates to “to make the perfect macarons” Ok la actually in Singapore it’s quite hard to make macarons at home because of our crazy weather (hot humid whatever). But anyway while jaz was back in sg she taught me how to make a batch of rose macarons for valentine’s day and everyone who ate it loved it! Not boasting but my bro said it is “one of the best rose macarons” he ever had! First time making macarons and im overwhelmed! Now i totally understand why are macarons so expensive, really require a lot work! Making the meringue, piping them, airing the shells before baking, then there is matching the shells (not 100% will have all matching shells too). So if your friends ever make u macarons, appreciate w much love! Fyi to eat the macaron at best condition is to eat them bout 10mins aft removing from the cold! The recipe jaz shared from her textbook produce the chewiest macarons w a nice thin crispy shell. And all look pretty!

The pro doing the piping!

I also did the piping! see the diff? if there’s no diff means im good

Meanwhile, also made lemon glaze cookies!

So pretty to look all, so nice to eat, but so time consuming and skill intensive to make! one of these days imma try making a batch myself. That is if I ever get a proper oven!

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