Baby Steps into Adulthood

I really don’t have the commitment to blog omg. My intention of starting this blog was to pen down happenings and my thoughts and I just fail fail failed.

anyway I also have no idea why I haven’t been blogging since technically I’m quite free….K fine im lazy luh ah.

But now, I foresee I really may not have time to maintain my blog cos I just took my 1st baby step into adulthood…GETTING A FULL TIME JOB.

yes I don’t really consider you’ve stepped into adulthood when u turned 21, but when u actually start working. Because that’s when you have to make more sensible and independent decisions. In school, you can screw up in a project but in real life, screwing up a project cause your company $$; it will look bad on your performance right.

Also when you reach adulthood, you basically start paying for most of your stuff instead of living off your parents. For my case, my dad just pays off my education (so I don’t have to pay him). Which I feel im quite fortunate because I’ve seen how my friends struggle with paying back their school loans and surviving on what’s left of a miserable pay.

So now, I’m a marketing executive at a small start up that brings in beauty and grooming products from overseas. I have to say I’m fortunate again cause I almost always get a job that I like or don’t mind staying on. My dream job is one that is involve in either the beauty or fashion sector. Of course fashion would be best but I neither have the education to support nor a proper portfolio. If  I could I would wanna be a fashion stylist (ambition sibo haha). But that aside im pretty happy at my current job and I got nice bosses so nothing to complain about =)

Also with adulthood, you start  waking up early and having meals at regular timing (sensible decisions in life). Amazed at myself how I manage to wake up these 3 days and survive a day’s work. contrary to belief, I don’t snack at work so I doubt I will gain weight (hopefully)

Now I just hope that I will be able to contribute as much to the company and gain as much experience as possible. Really excited and scare  at the same time about life ahead but bo bian. Just make the best out of it!


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