Feb & March Happenings

20st Feb..was a sad sad day

my didi headed to Melbourne for his studies so he’ll be there for ONE YEAR (or more…depending he hardworking & smart enough not). Somehow the house feels emptier without his presence =( kindda miss him but then again, I’ve been bunking in his room for a month already cos I was revamping my room lol.

ok so i’ll see him in july when he gets back!

21st Feb..USS audition!

Yeap, working at uss as an entertainer does not really give u much job security because every year must re-audition! And this is year really a lot people audition (and re-audition) and most likely they wouldn’t choose a lot people also..

jus gonna keep my fingers crossed! ><

22nd Feb

First all girls dance battle organized by Rachel! I must say the event was a dope one! All the girls were amazing and on fire! and of course thanks to the crowd, the whole vibe of the competition was good and encouraging =)

 SCO babessss

2nd time to get into battle round (after a long time) but got eliminated because I battled Mel! she’s too good already la haha (cos hello she won the comp haha)

Anyway this is a vid on my battle. COULD HAD DONE BETTER! need to train more now (this post was intended to b posted lik 3 wks again but since, I haven really been diligently training wtf. ok inspire myself again!!)


29th Feb


aiyo this one damn wasted! riding on the motivation of the previous week battle, I taught I could do better, skarly never even get in! *crashed down to ground dramatically*
(mayb that’s also why the past week I jus not motivated to dance…eh excuse la tsktsktsk)

But nonetheless I’m proud of my girls who went thru! xiang drew twice with a Korean waacker b4 being eliminated wadahell!
and cos the event was on a sunday, everybody has to chiong home aft that. but I was so hungry!! ya that’s the only thing I remember bout the event, lik I din get in n I was super hungry ><

And then comes March…

First half of March wasn’t very happening, except that Waackqueen was here for 2 weeks and we went for her classes. She shocked me because she was super friendly and humble. Because honestly, most overseas dancer quite attitude one. She’s really funny also! cannot believe she is an Unni because she acts lik my age max!
Anyway I really enjoyed her lessons. I dunno is it because I’ve become more matured in dance or what, but I seem to be able to understand and absorb more in her lesson compared to other workshops I’ve gone to.

There was also lockdown after party which was her last night in SG and she just let loose and it was fun partying with her lol.
Really am very glad that I got to meet her =) can’t wait to be able to korea and meet her again n meet my other idols!

Anyway I mentioned in my previous previous post that now Im working full time. Just saying, I think I aced my interview enough for them to consider hiring a fresh grad NEW to the industry! that’s why im really motivated to actually wanna do well for my boss bcause of the faith they put in me la =) The company im working for actually brings in BLACK PAINT from Japan and AMERICAN CREW from America (of course). So naturally I got a set of black paint product to test (hehehe) so far so good. may do a review when 28 days is over but apparently it’s rly good for the skin; go see other bloggers review kk  (Quitted! i only can say they were good products and brands, just had the wrong distributor)

Looking forward to Sunday because im gonna watch DISNEY ON ICE!!! YAY!! (when everyone else go RF jam but nvm~lol) Can’t wait!

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