MA-1, more than just a “Bomber” jacket

MA-1s (MA-2), or Bomber Jackets, is probably THE jacket to have in the streetwear scene now. Despite its long military history, the jacket extrudes a sporty vibe and is highly versatile when it comes to styling.

KITH Classics Astor MA-1 Jackets

Yea you heard right, the MA-1 is indeed a military jacket; used by Air Forces around the world in fact. And way before there was the MA-1, its predecessors made their claim in the modern fashion scene as well. Starting as a jacket to suit the cramped and freezing cockpit, MA-1 are now uber popular in everyday wear.

Kendell and Gigi sporting MA-1s

Started from the early 30s with the A2 Flight Jacket…

As seen in Pearl Habour

Characteristics: Made of goatskin / horsehides. Neck flap that folds down to collars. Snap-flap patch pockets

to the B15 Flight jacket in the 1940s (with the discontinuation of the A2)

B15 by Alpha Industries

Green B15 by Alpha Industries

Characteristics: Cotton Shell, later changed to Nylon (Nylon was discovered after WWII). Fur-lined collar. Zipper closure. “pen” zip pockets on left sleeve. “slash” pockets

And finally the MA-1 we see today.

Characteristics: Made from high quality nylon with polyester interlinings in bright orange. Knit collar. Otherwise everything else is similar to a B15.

Although the bomber jacket is better known as the MA-1, I’d say most retailed jackets are actually MA-2s. The difference is MA-1 are made with a bright orange inner lining, whilst the inner lining of MA-2 matches the color of the shell (exterior). Complex has penned down a brief history of the design evolution of this jacket. Read it here and be amazed. I mean I’m amazed because, considering they were fighting a war, they still manage to come up with something that is functional yet stylish, Agree?


P/s But seriously, they need to bring back the A2 more because it’s fly af. I would buy that, wouldn’t you?

Btw, a bomber jacket and a varsity (letterman) jacket are 2 different styles ok. More or that next time!

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