All Asia Waacking Festival Singapore- Fashion Edit

What happens when you combine a fashion parade with a dance battle? Well, it wasn’t an official fashion parade per se. But when it comes to a waacking battle, you’re in for a fashionistic treat!

Happened just last weekend, All Asia Waacking festival- Singapore selection crowned Melissa “Catlady” the champion to represent Singapore at the Asia finals happening in Osaka in April.

First up, Mel is not just another cool cat who is fly af in the style of waacking, but she’s quite the fashionista herself (having being featured in several local publications, and being a finalist in some fashion contest in SG). Check out her instagram (@meowissathecatlady) to see her dope style!

So as I mentioned, almost EVERY waacking battle is as good as a fashion parade. I mean, the style of dance has been closely tied with fashion since its beginnings- because it’s all about being a divaaaaa~ So what’s a diva without his/her style?

(Here’s PanPan “Pagina Heels” from Thailand. I can say he is the epitome of Waacking fashion i swear)

Hence most of the time, every dancer is dressed to the nines; even the most basic styles have some fashion element in it. Let’s see what these cats wore to AAWF this year!

(All images credits to Melissalcl Photography. Check out her FB page here for more of her photography work!)

1. Yellow is the new Gold

For the longest time ever, black/gold seemed to be the uniform of a waacking costume. But now everyone seemed to be exploring new colors and the yellow/black combi looks way more modern than its processor.

2. Shades of Red

How else to add some fierceness into that oufit but to add some red hues into it!

That flexibility though…

3. Black, is still the new black

I’ve gotta admit, I’m never much of a fashionista when it comes to my battle outfit- I prefer functionality over design when I dance (lol) But seriously, you can NEVER go wrong with black. Plus, it helps to “lengthen” your body lines

Sorry but not sorry, I did say I prefer function over design when i dance haha

4. Sexy in Mesh and Lace

Nothing is as sexy as mesh and lace gets- less is more ain’t it?

I don’t know bout you but he definitely has his sexy back o.O

5. Bling Bling Bling

Disco + bling = full-on Diva power!

6. Get vested

Long vest, short vest, formal, avant garde- no matter; but it seemed to be the prime choice of outerwear amongst waackers

7. Print explosion

For the bolder ones, print is their game.

Nobody wears a VINTAGE VERSACE to dance…except for mel. Seriously girl!!

And here we have the Best Dressed Male, How Sun, in his furry glory . Boy how you’d you dance in this!?

So there we have it! Fashion edit for the first waacking event of the year is done! What’s in store for Singapore’s dance scene after this and what are the dancers wearing to it? Stay tuned!

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