Photoshoot Collab 01- @a.series

Last week, I had the honor to collaborate with one of my favourite photographers in Singapore for a photoshoot- Melissa LCL!

More known for taking photographs for local dance events, almost every dancer in Singapore can tell you that Mel takes some of the best pictures. Right now, she’s trying to expand her portfolio to shooting portraits and other subjects and perspectives.

I’ve always liked Mel’s style because somehow, she always manage to catch people at their best angles. So of course I was really psyched when she say she wanted to work with me!

Scroll down to see my favourite shots from the shoot!

Photographer: Melissalcl
Post – processing: Steph L.

This picture got me my 5th feature on Snobshots! Click on the image to check out the article!

And here are some of the edits by Melissa herself

Check out the rest of her edit HERE. or mine over HERE

And by the way, don’t forget to check out her instagram to see more of her amazing work!

this too shall pass #aseriesoftravels

A photo posted by mel (previously theoryofthree) (@a.series) on

🌞 #aseriesoftravels

A photo posted by mel (previously theoryofthree) (@a.series) on

At dusk #aseriesofsilhouettes #aseriesofbuildings

A photo posted by mel (previously theoryofthree) (@a.series) on


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