11072014 x Love/Hate relationship with Rompers

For the first time so far since i’ve been more active in posting my ootd,  i wore a romper

I really love rompers because

1) They’re like dresses, it’s 1 piece so you don’t have to consider much for styling

2) They’re not like dress because they’re shorts! so fuctionality +++ !

3) Comfy


with reference to point (3), the comfortness only go far as long you are NOT IN URGENT NEED OF THE TOILET!

can you imagine the panic you need to go through to get out of your romper, when your bladder is bursting, and you literally feel your internal dam is gonna collapse already!?

It’s pretty fine if it’s a slip on romper but if it’s one of those buttoned down / back zipper kind, you better go to the toilet as soon as you feel you need to.

also. rompers are not the wisest thing to wear in a cold weather. Because well, you’re stripped down to your undies when you’re using the toilet. So you probably freeze your ass off while doing your business

But that doesn’t really bother me because, hey it’s SUNNY SINGAPORE here! the most we get is a downpour *shrugs*

So yeap i still love my rompers! But jut remember girls…



TOP: Vintage printed romper from Runway Bandits, Striped boyfriend shirt from H&M
SHOES: Superga in cream
BAG: Genuine ostrich leather crossover box bag from S.Africa
WATCH: Daniel Wellington Classy Brixton


“hair”band, literally.





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