Support your local talent!

I would like to take this chance to introduce y’all to a highly talented lady who has the most beautiful voice i’ve heard in Singapore! My hair literally stood on theirs ends through the song.

FYI: Zarina is in a Funk band called FungkiMunkees. GO check them out!

Original composition by herself, Zarina, featuring 2 of our local dancers Rachel & Marcus. Enjoy!

29th Jul 2014 OOTD

TOP: Lace hi-neck cropped top
DRESS: Jersey Suspender dress
SHOES: Black mesh creepers








16072014 x World Food Programme

So today i finally caved, it’s no-effort-ootd day.

It kindda troublesome to dress up on Wednesdays because i’m dancing in the evening and i would rather wear my sneakers out than to carry them out in my bag; as if my bag is not heavy enough already.

I should just invest in more shift dresses!

(now take a look at the new banner on my sidebar on the LEFT. more on that later)

TOP: Snake-pattern Shift Dress

BOTTOM: Black high waist shorts







As y’all realise, there is a new addition on my sidebar. no it’s not a spam.

It’s a call out for help from hungry children in Central Africa Republic.

In first world countries, i’m sure most of us are guilty of over-eating, over-ordering and then we end up throwing away food. So i doubt any of us have ever expierenced real hunger. Even they muslim get to eat after fasting.

But there are millions of children around the world, especially Africa, who count their days away on an empty stomach, not knowing will they wake up the next time they close their eyes because they died from starvation. As you know, the human body can only last 7 days without food/nourishment.

Thats why, there’s the World Food Programme to help.

World Food Programme is voluntary organisation aimed to fight hunger worldwide

WFP is part of the United Nations system and is voluntarily funded.

Born in 1961, WFP pursues a vision of the world in which every man, woman and child has access at all times to the food needed for an active and healthy life. We work towards that vision with our sister UN agencies in Rome — the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) — as well as other government, UN and NGO partners.

On average, WFP reaches more than 80 million people with food assistance in 75 countries each year. About 11,500 people work for the organization, most of them in remote areas, directly serving the hungry poor.

I actually learnt about this programme because of Shakira’s new song “lalala”, which aim to help promote the school meal programme in WFP. Knowing that i cannot do much as a volunteer, I pledged to make a monthly donation for the School Meal Programme and Central Africa Republic.

Just fyi, the WFP don’t just feed the people, but make sure the food they’re getting is packed with nutrition. So it’s not those canned processed food that we always see in movies that are sent to relief centers.

Not trying to say that “hey look i’m such a good person” No. The reason i’m talking bout this on my blog is, i hope each and everyone of you, will have this consideration to help these poor people, especially kids.

Have you ever felt the hunger pang when you skipped a meal? it’s uncomfortable right?

Imagine feeling that for your whole life, and the pangs intensifies as the day goes.

Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

It does not take much, just USD$30 can feed a child for a month! Or u can choose to donate just $5, every donation counts!

So please, do a good deed today, and save these people, click on the banner to make a donation.


We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

-Winston Churchill

on a sidenote, it’s celebrities like Shakira that deserve our respect. If you’re rich, famous, use your power to advocate people to do good! have a good day people!



And so i heard Germany won the Cup. Didn’t watch the match cos i had to wake up really early this morning for work  (the match was 2.45am here in Singapore =.=) not that i was remotely interested though. Soccer is just one game i’ll never understand somehow …

l . o . l
Today’s outfit features pieces from all my favourite blogshops!


TOP: Leather Biker Jacket from Wonderstellar, White cut-out cropped top from YoungHungryFree
BOTTOM: Gingham Midi Skirt from TheTinselRack
SHOES: White loafer platforms






In other news, my second feature with AFSTREETSTYLE is up! go read it here! pardon the grammar errors cos i was trying to answer really quickly lol.



Ended the day with a minor dislocation and acute muscle strain in my left wrist. Glad it was nothing too serious;  the sinseh managed to push back my wrist and just needed to rest my wrist after that and there was no bandage. Wouldn’t say whats the cause of it, but it’s a very disheartening and disappointing one. “Great” start to the week huh?


12072014 x True love is when…

True love is when..

you both attempt to take the ugliest shit photo of each other and laugh at it together!
Lol it’s finally weekend and it’s date day with xm after parade. But first, here are the shots for my OOTD!

Dress Down Saturday it is

TOP: Polka Dot Bralet from Wonderstellar, Cream long cardigan from Factorie
BOTTOM: Shredded High waist shorts
SHOES: Caged Boots from Taiwan
ACCESSORIES: Hat from Forever 21, Whistle necklace from Forever 21

But you probably wouldn’t find the bralet anymore i bought it ages ago. Wonderstellar is one of my fav blogshops to get clothes from by the way! Have been supporting them since their livejournal days and when Francesca was modelling for them!







But this not the first time i wore this combi of clothes, only changes were the accessories. So therefore proving again, accessories can change the feel & complete a look. I used jus wear sneakers and no headgear. So imagine…a bit slack uh lol





So after parade, met xm to go for BAK KUT TEH! One thing i love about xm is, he don’t mind wondering around to look for new places. I use to date guys who just stay at home whole day / just head to town or usual spots, and complain that SG is so small and boring -___- but it’s all over, i got myself a great guy now ^^


*imitating each other’s photo face. xm say he wanted to punch himself for that face hahaha*


OK people, now…



DROOL!oh yea, the only thing bout xm that annoys me is he is picky with food! like there’s a crazy bunch of things he don’t eat! told him next time i swore that next time i’ll train our kids not to be picky with food, so he’ll feel left out haha.

SO YAY! finally bak kut teh! have been craving for these since Klang cos we didn’t get to eat any famous BKT there *zzzz*

So do you prefer the dark soup or the white soup? Both xm and i love the white soup than the dark soup. Pepper over herbal~ Had this at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Restaurant at Havelock Rd.


Randomlywalked from Havelock Rd to Tiong Bahru Rd. stumbled upon The Dispensary after dinner.

Heard of it before but haven been there and then we just randomly found it haha. Also cos i was craving for cake so it was the cake in the display that halted me before i saw the sign. The cafe took over an old chinese medical hall so it’s quite cool because they use the herb shelves to store their things and it’s clean and cozy.


Ordered the Nutella Cupcake & Salted Caramel Red Velvet cupcake and a Mint tea.



And then, the photo taking starts. It started cos i took a super unglam picture of xm lol! scroll all the way down to see ou most unglam picture. So after that he tried to take ugly photos of me. The whole time aft that we were just very conscious of how we look in case we get a ugly shot lol. Hence all these nicer, but faked-posed pictures.




But really, these were the winners of the night! ahhaha


Actual quote from xm : Wa lao next time i yawn i’m gonna cover my mouth. Din know so ugly sia! omg

So i guess if u wanna make someone learn to cover their mouth when they yawn, i guess u can take a photo and put it on social media lol

Also here’s me drinking tea and looking creepy as i look lik i’m plotting something. lol

You know if you come to terms u can make ugly faces, nobody can bring you down by saying u’re ugly. Cos it’ll be like

Asshole: U ugly piece of shit
Me: ya i’m ugly, then?
Asshole: erm.. ermm.. ok good u know
*end of conversation*

ok here’s me huggin a 2 year old white lion in S.Africa last year. Enjoy the rest of your weekend kthxbye!

11072014 x Love/Hate relationship with Rompers

For the first time so far since i’ve been more active in posting my ootd,  i wore a romper

I really love rompers because

1) They’re like dresses, it’s 1 piece so you don’t have to consider much for styling

2) They’re not like dress because they’re shorts! so fuctionality +++ !

3) Comfy


with reference to point (3), the comfortness only go far as long you are NOT IN URGENT NEED OF THE TOILET!

can you imagine the panic you need to go through to get out of your romper, when your bladder is bursting, and you literally feel your internal dam is gonna collapse already!?

It’s pretty fine if it’s a slip on romper but if it’s one of those buttoned down / back zipper kind, you better go to the toilet as soon as you feel you need to.

also. rompers are not the wisest thing to wear in a cold weather. Because well, you’re stripped down to your undies when you’re using the toilet. So you probably freeze your ass off while doing your business

But that doesn’t really bother me because, hey it’s SUNNY SINGAPORE here! the most we get is a downpour *shrugs*

So yeap i still love my rompers! But jut remember girls…



TOP: Vintage printed romper from Runway Bandits, Striped boyfriend shirt from H&M
SHOES: Superga in cream
BAG: Genuine ostrich leather crossover box bag from S.Africa
WATCH: Daniel Wellington Classy Brixton


“hair”band, literally.