Super big contrast from yesterday but i finally wore my new dress !

It’s suppose to be a Midi dress, but honestly, with my height, it’s a Maxi now

Tops become dresses

Mid-length skirts become full length skirts

Petite girls y’all feel me?

Anyway this is a 2 piece mesh dress, so it includes a inner bodycon with a outer mesh dress. Love the flow of the material so i went more free with my shoot today..

DRESS: 2 piece midi mesh dress from Peppythread
SHOES: Black chained loafer heels
BAG: Celine inspired bag from Taiwan
ACCESSORIES: Gold chains necklace from stradivarius, watch from naked glory

speaking of the bag, although it’s not a celine, it’s so much more functional! load of compartments and quite sturdy. and guess how much i got it for?

FRICKING $20SGD only!!!

so some good things do come cheap k. it’s all about the right sources. I’m sure you can easily find stuff like these from taobao, e.g. i got some of my shoes for $20 or cheaper there too!

Amazed at myself with the following pix cos i somehow master the art of taking self-timer shots for movements. *whuttt* although some were blur..hmm..



*one of my fav pic :)

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