Super big contrast from yesterday but i finally wore my new dress !

It’s suppose to be a Midi dress, but honestly, with my height, it’s a Maxi now

Tops become dresses

Mid-length skirts become full length skirts

Petite girls y’all feel me?

Anyway this is a 2 piece mesh dress, so it includes a inner bodycon with a outer mesh dress. Love the flow of the material so i went more free with my shoot today..

DRESS: 2 piece midi mesh dress from Peppythread
SHOES: Black chained loafer heels
BAG: Celine inspired bag from Taiwan
ACCESSORIES: Gold chains necklace from stradivarius, watch from naked glory

speaking of the bag, although it’s not a celine, it’s so much more functional! load of compartments and quite sturdy. and guess how much i got it for?

FRICKING $20SGD only!!!

so some good things do come cheap k. it’s all about the right sources. I’m sure you can easily find stuff like these from taobao, e.g. i got some of my shoes for $20 or cheaper there too!

Amazed at myself with the following pix cos i somehow master the art of taking self-timer shots for movements. *whuttt* although some were blur..hmm..



*one of my fav pic :)


Honestly i woke up a mess today and i couldn’t decide what to wear so i just threw on whatever i taught works

I call this the “mannish” style.

Which is really a legit style if u google the term!

Anyway it’s more feminine because 1) guys don’t wear a lace crochet sweater over their shirt 2) Men don’t wear their pants this tight

And it’s time for me to get new Dr Marts soon, my current black ones are so worn =( but i can’t find a color i like! dang…


TOP: White tailored shirt, White lace crochet sweater
BOTTOM: Blue gingham Jeggings from Uniqlo
SHOES: Matt Dr Marts with 8 eyelets


I know you can’t really see the gingham, but it’s really gingham!



The same piece of clothing can be presented with a different feel when you style it with different pieces..

Wore the same checkered skirt i wore for AFS shoot but this time i matched it with a plain black shirt and spag fluffy top, and creepers for shoes. At least it look less “street” right.

TOP: Lace fluff spaghetti top, Black outerwear shirt
BOTTOM: Checkered pencil skirt
SHOES: Black mesh creepers







Back to monochrome again..

I need more colors in my wardrobe!

Honestly i think styling in monochrome shades is somewhat challenging cos you need to make lack and white look interesting. BUT


so i think styling with color and prints is more challenging.


TOP: Leather x FLeece Varsity Jacket
DRESS: LBD with cut out details
SHOES: White loafer platforms

and i FINALLY broke into my platforms. Last week they bit my ankle so bad, i literally had open flesh wound from the blister the size of a 50 cents coin…possibly even bigger. couldn’t wear heels etc after cos they’re just gonna bite the wound.

But in the name of fashion, the shoes are nice rite!

yes i know i kept touching my head; i was flattening my fringe to my head cos it was so windy!

ok have a great week people!


Went for AFS shoot today before parade! It was nice meeting dennis and brandon! I’ve got to say i’m glad they started this movement to scout for people with style. Not all singaporeans are lazy-dressers k!

honestly there’s many people in singapore who have style but are underrated cos not famous. Not hating or what, but i just feel some of this blogshop models who claim to be “fashion bloggers” are really just boring and the only “style” they have is the clothes they get from blogshops. Anyway if you’re scare u get judge for overdressing. well i only can say

“Life’s too short to dress poorly”

Moreover how you dress says a lot about you. Also u also don’t have to be rich to dress well. It’s all about putting the right clothes together!

So anyway for my shoot for AFS, i really wanna portray the style i like which is actually Street Style. FYI, the real street style means to wear Streetwear labels. I don’t know from when did “street style” became styles that u see on the street. *meh*

Also despite streetwear, i like to instill a girly sense to it so, this was my look for the day!

TOP: “Naughty” Box tee from Blogshop, Army jacket from Taiwan
BOTTOM: Checkered pencil skirt from Taiwan
SHOES: Buckled boots from Taiwan, varsity socks
ACCESORIES: Stussy Cap, Baby G x Atmos watch, Beaded bracelet from Rockstar

Stay tune for my feature on the site soon!