Support Your Local Street Dancers – ScRach Marcs

By now, i’m sure most Singaporeans are aware of this new show on Channel 5 called “The Dance Floor”.

The finalist groups are given a theme each week and they have to come up with a choreography to showcase their interpretation of the theme. Of course, the groups come from different background and specialisation of dance styles. But I’ll like to bring your attention to the group ScRach Marcs. Here’s their piece for the final-selection show.

ScRach Marcs consist of 2 dancers, Rachel and Marcus, who are best known for their specialisation in the dance style of Popping. If you have no idea what’s popping, stay tuned for my upcoming post – Streetdance deciphered for Non-dancers (something like that)

What I love about them is, they don’t just do popping in their pieces. But they injected their creativity into concepts and deliver them through their dance. So you’re not just watching moves, but you can actually see a story in their choreography. Which I think works very well for them because for non-dancers watching the show, they will be able to understand what ScRach Marcs are trying to say even though they may not understand the dance.

Plus points when they don’t play into the clinches of the theme. E.g. the first theme was “Back in time”. Most of the teams presented the retro era, using music of that time in their pieces. I’m not saying they’re not good but ScRach Marcs and 55 were the ones who went for a slightly different route. Heard of the infamous outlaws Bonnie and Cylde?

(Yassss EDM for real~!)

Not forgetting their seamless chemistry that translates through their dance (Yes, they are a couple. In fact they are getting married soon!). Here’s their most recent piece on their interpretation on the movie “UP”, specifically the love story you watch at the beginning of the movie.

I don’t know about you but I had goosebumps after watching this (eyes got watery too). But you see what I mean when they tell a story through their dance right?

So like how all competitions of this model goes, the fate of the groups are determined by public voting. If you like what you see by ScRach Marcs, vote for them HERE! 

Also because they are my friends la! But you have to agree they ARE DOPE right! Vote for them to keep them in the competition and I promise they will surprise you with even more creative concepts.

Meanwhile, follow them on instagram too

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