The Day Singaporeans Will Change The Way They See Streetdance

Today marks the end of The DanceFloor 2015, the competition series in search for Singapore’s best dance crew. AND INDEED THEY HAVE! I can’t be more elated and emotional about the results because the winners of the competition are friends of mine, as well as dancers that I have a lot respect for.


I’m not only happy for them that they won because they are my friends, but I believe many dancers would agree with me that this win in a commercialised competition means a lot to streetdancers.  I mean, when non-dancers look at our different dance styles, they only associate them to pop/lock/breaking (bboy) / hiphop; and it’s always a messed-up jumble anyways. It also doesn’t help when national media don’t report the right facts, confusing the public even further.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.56.53 pm

Sorry CNA. But seriously, the media NEED to stop going “popping and locking” when they see a funk style performance -_____-

But anyways, taking popping as an example, most people  will associate popping as the “robotic dance”. But I think Rachel and Marcus have done an extraordinary job in showing Singapore that popping is not just that.

If you’ve seen my previous post on them about how their performances always  transcended how you would typically see a popping performance, tonight at the finals was no exception. Taking a contemporary approach to popping,  the final piece was so emotional (Rach teared when they finished their item) that it left me with goosebumps and I too teared from it (cos it kindda hit home y’all know). And I really want to believe that their performances had won the hearts of the public, since the competition was based on 100% voting.

So really, dance across all genres tells a story and even if it’s a streetdance genre, it too can make you emotional. Hopefully after this, more people will become more open and interested in learning streetdances!

[ And if you want to learn from ScRach Marcs, Marcus is teaching Hiphop (THU 7-8pm / SUN 6-7pm) and Popping ( SAT 5-6pm) at Kulture Studios at Kallang Wave Mall. Rachel is teaching Popping (TUE 7-8pm) at Converge Studios.]

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.30.35 am

Rach remember how you always take our unglam pictures and send us lol. Love you all the same!!

Thank you ScRach Marcs for representing SG Streetdance so well ! Can’t be more proud of the two of you. And mad props for all the dancers who participated in the competition. It’s no easy feat considering the commitment needed for this competition. And the weekly mind-busting themes; mad respect for each and every one of you. Check out the opening act by all 10 finalist groups.

*Mad props to Bill for attempting popping woots!*

Stay tuned for ScRach Marcs’ winning piece! For now, you can watch the results show, which include dope-af performance by Lia Kim and Koharu HERE ( I went crazy when Funky Lia is back with a short popping showcase omg)


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