So while you’ve been spending your Saturday chilling at some cafe / watching a movie / nua-ing (sluggish form of chillin’ ), some of us were getting all hyped up and enjoying sneaker-porn at Sole Superior over at ZOUK on 21st NOV!

With ma fellow troopers in our kicks; why head to a sneaker convention if you’re not wearing one of your best kicks right? But it was quite a sight because while everyone were walking around, everybody’s first reaction is to check out each other’s kicks- it’s a very automated reflex in every sneakerhead I swear.

It was kind of overwhelming at first because there was so much to see and super cramped! But once you got the hang of what’s where and the crowd it got better

Some of the highlights include:

1)  Sole-Superior exclusive merchandises

Designed by @prasthebandit , these were swept up really quickly! I was lucky I mange to cop a T-shirt in my size at all.

There were these New Balance that were specially designed for the event as well. Would had loved them but they were all 999s T_T- not a fan for this model but the artwork on it was sick

repost from @esquiresg

2) Preview and pre-ordering the Limited Edt x Adidas Consortium ZX Flux and Superstar 80v

If you’re a fan of batik and prints, you can start stabbing yourself now for not being one of the first few to own one of these babies. Besides the batik design, the shoes features rose-gold hardware; talk about classy sneakers uh!

3) Having your sneakers refreshed and Crep-protected

Remember we’ve all seen news and video online of the god-send invention- a waterproof spray for our precious sneakers and we’re wondering where we can get one of those sprays right? Well, CREP PROTECT had a booth at Sole Superior!

Not only can you buy these waterproofing goodness, they even threw in the free service of a trial test for the product where they freshen up your sneakers and coating them with 2 generous coat of CREP PROTECT.


And of course, being typical Singaporeans, anything FREE must take or try right haha. But hey we bought 4 bottles of it ok! (technically we bought the 3 bottle bundle but mel won us one extra bottle from their spin ‘n’ win!)

4) Refresh your NEW ERA

Brought to you by the good fellas of Limited Edt. , they brought the legit machine and all!

5) And of course, the LUCKY DRAW !

(on everybody’s mind) PICK MY NUMBERRRRR!

I’d tell you, the prizes were LEGIT crazy good- Top prize being the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Shattered Backboard (lucky bastard who got it!!)

And then there were also the F&F Converse Aerojams in Liquid Gold and ‘Gundam’ Puma Pump Fury (walao eh~ cos we didn’t win haha) And a KIKSTYO deck was given away too- to this we were commenting “although I don’t skate, even I hang it on my wall I also happy)

Local vendors that showed at Sole Superior include Suave, Triad, Sup Clothing, Spoka; just listing the few that I remembered. At least my biggest win of the day was getting an original Supreme cap at $80 (U.P. $150) at the Triad booth.


BratPack and SprayGround were there too amongst the international brands.


Not forgetting the local sneaker custom vendors


DJs were dropping hip hop sounds all day at SOLE SUPERIOR

Of course, there were sections in Zouk where sneakerheads were selling/trading their kicks.

All these super chio shoes, but none our size! Yea that was one thing we were disappointed about. There were too many of these people, bringing almost the same shoes, so you keep seeing repetitive designs. And even if you do see something you like, somehow ALL these sneakersheads have really big feet!

You could say I’m a girl so it’s highly unlikely I will see someone with my shoe size. But even the boys in our group have smaller feet. Like US 7/8/9 (those that were on looked like US 11 and above! )

If anything we hope to see at the next Sole Superior for this section is (a) group all the same brands together (b) Possible ordering of the shoes on display. I know these are damn hard, maybe near impossible to execute but it’ll be dope if it happens!

Here’s one shoe melissa and I cannot stop thinking about. The colorway is too CHIOOOOOOOO (Chio- means pretty / beautiful). Andddd it’s a sz 10, and we no money *bitter laughs*

Last but not least, mad props to Dexter for organising this!
(Go follow his IG for some sneaker porn seriously)

Hopefully there will be many more Sole Superiors to come and it’ll get bigger, better and sicker!

And yes, I did mentioned I wanted to do an OOTD coverage right? Guess what, I forgot to charge my camera -_____-  So I ended up taking not-so-impressive quality pix with my iPhone after my camera died. And iphone camera will definitely be no fight for the dim lighting in the club. But manage to cover some of ’em OOTDs (which I didn’t noticed myself) so go check out if you’re interested. But of course I thought my OOTD was the dopest of them all.

OK JUST KIDDING!!! I’m really really really very humble one!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 9.53.47 pm

Cocaine cap from Rad Future (BKK)
Leather Jacket from Wonderstellar (SG)
Stussy Tee (TW)
Tulle Skirt from Aforarcade (SG)
Nike Air Force 1 (seriously who still wear AF1 now *sigh*)

And if you’re interested at all, here’s my snapchat compilation on Sole Superior. Watch till the end because we did a live test on CREP PROTECT

*Disclaimer* the scream at the end is Edwin’s not mine!!

Till the next post then! Ta-ta

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