“The Term Hypebeast Probably Gets a Negative Rap Right Now”

Recently I came across this interview that sneakerwatch.com did with Jeff Staple- founder of Staple Design / Staple Pigeon. In one part of the interview, he was asked what does he think about the term “Hypebeast” now.  And I couldn’t agree more with his response.

“The Term Hypebeast Probably Gets a Negative Rap Right Now”

Mainly because most people that start to like streetwear claim to be “hype” don’t exactly have an opinion on their own; they’re just buying it because it was featured on Hypebeast.

Just taking sneakers for example, a few years back when I started street dancing and become more knowledgable about streetwear brands, sneakers were like the babies to dancers across every genre. And I still remember we’ll go all out to try and cop something that’s unique so we wouldn’t have the same shoe as someone else in the scene, or with anyone in Singapore in general.

When you manage to, you get this self-satisfaction when people be like “Shit….where you get this! Damn nice!!”. You could share with them and they’ll go searching but most of the time, they end up with something else different because it suits their taste more. Individuality was more prominent back then.

But now looking at the sneaker trend in Singapore, people are just getting it because it was featured on Hypebeast or it’s the in-thing now- And then EVERYBODY is wearing the same shoe on the streets.

It’s probably not just the streetwear scene, even high fashion seemed to have become a victim to this. With all these information so readily available, it makes it easier for consumers to get to things- things just start to lose the novelty. It kind of went from “Probably only me, or very few people has it so it’s cool” to “I’ve got it first so i’m cooler”.

No need to think whether you really like it a not, just get it first because it was featured on hypebeast/ highsnobiety/vogue etc so it must be dope. It’s worse when people buy so they can resell it later- just spoils everything for people who really appreciate the brands. Yeap resellers are the worse *roll eyes*

In anyways, fashion across all markets are the same. One day this would be in, and the next it’ll be out. What matters is your STYLE. You don’t have to cop everything that’s featured on established publication because it may not even be your style at all. (Just because Hypebeast featured Yeezy Season 2 does not mean it’s good. Watch Tim Gunn’s reaction to it here )

Hold your horses and really consider what you like because individualistic taste matter more than “being like the rest”.


And just for some interesting read, Complex put together 10 signs that you’re a (bad) Hypebeast . If you hit the mark for any, it’s time to evaluate yourself  *ooppsssss*


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