Style Shoot 1.0- Adidas Originals [Part I- Color Boom]

So I realised one of my girl friend here is an Adidas Originals fan. I mean who wouldn’t! But anyway I asked her if she liked to do an Adidas Originals style shoot for fun and she readily agreed! But really, I had other reasons for specifically asking her to do this shoot too…

But first, check out Part I of our lookbook!

Models: Melissa ‘Kopi’ Lim, Steph ‘Mianbao’ Leong
Styling: Steph ‘Mianbao’ Leong

About this look:
Kopi’s top, my tracksuit set are from Adidas Originals x Farm collection from last year.

Tracksuits aren’t just for exercise and yoga purposes, especially when they’re vibrantly designed. Throw on a denim jacket and boots to give this piece an effortless casual street look!

–▿ ▿ ▿–

About this look:
Printed Tee and Soccer socks from Adidas Originals

What we love about Adidas Originals tees is they’re mostly always so vibrantly printed, you can throw on a basic bottom and you’re good to go. Just because it’s a sports brand doesn’t mean you can’t dress girly with it. Mix it up with a skirt and sneakers for a girly streetwear look.  We did it with more textured skirts and chunky shoes because, go big or go home right?

Check out the continuation of this series too!- Part II- Keeping it Cool 


Disclaimer: This photoshoot was conducted out of leisure with no intention for commercial purposes of any sort. In no way is Adidas or Adidas Originals related or responsible for these photos. These photos also do not represent nor define Adidas or Adidas Originals brand image- all styling are based on stylist’s personal taste. Should any person intend to use these images for commercial purpose, please kindly send an email to for permission to use images. The owner of these images would not be responsible for any legal actions taken by Adidas upon the user  without authorised rights to use these images for inappropriate commercial purposes.

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