About this look:

Me: Blue Jersey from Adidas Originals / Blue Pinstripe cropped cami from Runway Bandits / White Culottes from Young Hungry Free  / Adidas Superstar
Mel: Graphic Shirt from Adidas Originals / Creme Tulle Midi Skirt from MDS Collection / Adidas Sneakers

Remember in my previous post that I had a secondary objective to this shoot? Well you see, my friend here kindda have self-image issues. Mel tends to think she looks very “man” because of her hair and features; she always say she cannot wear anything girly because of that.

But honestly, all of us had been telling her she’s perfectly fine!!! But she kindda don’t believe in it. Hence for this shoot, I deliberately made her wear skirts and the girly style for this look. To subtly and let her see for herself that she is feminine afterall!

So Mel if you’re reading this I hope you don’t get mad!! And hopefully after this, you’ll be more confident of yourself k! Love you babe :D

Also, you can tell from the photos we’re already drained hahaha!

ok now for the last look.

About this look:
Me: Laced top from Young Hungry Free / Striped Adidas Leggings / Dr Martens
Mel: Banned Cropped Top from Young Hungry Free / Graphic Legging Adidas Leggings / Dr Martens

Ok I have a fashion hack for this outfit. You know how not everybody will look good in just leggings because of stumpy-legs syndrome? Invest in padded in-soles! Instantly adds 5cm and your legs look longer because more of your legs are showing because of the elevated height.

Yea, now y’all know my secret. Don’t judge. Short girls gotta do what she needs to do :P

If you haven’t seen it, check out Part I of this series here!


Disclaimer: This photoshoot was conducted out of leisure with no intention for commercial purposes of any sort. In no way is Adidas or Adidas Originals related or responsible for these photos. These photos also do not represent nor define Adidas or Adidas Originals brand image- all styling are based on stylist’s personal taste. Should any person intend to use these images for commercial purpose, please kindly send an email to for permission to use images. The owner of these images would not be responsible for any legal actions taken by Adidas upon the user  without authorised rights to use these images for inappropriate commercial purposes.


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