#322- Taking selfie to another level

TOP: Adidas by Nigo Tee
BOTTOM:Stretch Skinnies from Uniqlo
HEADGEAR: Suede Beret
SHOES:Puma Suedes

As you all know, almost all my pictures are selfies. One year of experience had me knowing what angle and height is best to photograph at to look the best. That’s why sometimes my friends refused to believe that these are selfies and I have someone taking pictures for me.

Honestly speaking, my selfies are mostly better than pictures taken by my boyfriend and friends :X

So anyway for today’s lookbook, I really took it to another level and literally scaled the walls to get some of the shots. Super effort there. Scroll down to check out the other pictures!

Even after explaining how I took the pictures, my friends still refuse to believe it. I guess that’s a compliment to my selfie skills :p

On a sidenote, I may wanna try revolutionise the headgear trend in streetwear Lol. More on that in another post. Stay Tuned!