#306; Monochrome Fever

TOP:  Striped cropped tee from Taiwan
OUTER: Zara-inspired leather jacket from Wonderstellar
BOTTOM: Pleated midi skirt from Aforarcade
SHOES: Heeled booties from H&M

In order to make a monochrome outfit standout, I like to play with textures and patterns

The leather jacket helps add a sheer to the matted top so you can a contrast in fabrics, while the subtle hardware detailing on the jacket  and stitching patterns adds a different dimension to the outfit.

And of course, the pleated skirt creates an volumnised illusion to the whole outfit, yet the straight lines of the pleats elongates the outfit, so I’ll look, you know, taller~

And if you’ve loved my brownish and long hair, look at it while it last k. haha