STOMP shut up already; 10 reasons to close down STOMP

I’m very sure every Singaporean is very familiar with this online media platform started by  The Straits Times to “encourage civilian journalism”. But we all also know that STOMP is just a stupid platform for intolerant / kaypoh / judgemental /bo liao people to post their rants and earn the $50 NTUC voucher (or whatever the incentive was, can’t rmb). And then the moderator behind STOMP also don’t bother to moderate the content posted? or are the moderators themselves also “self-righteous”, intolerant people that’s why they allow some insensitive content to go live (just saying).

But honestly this stupid STOMP has generated more hate than good. As if our society is not judgemental  enough already; over the years, you can see for yourself right. People become more hateful, more intolerant,  more kaypoh, more bo chup.

Although there are the occasional good articles, but really, 89% of the time the articles are just bullshit. Now people first reaction to a person’s distress is not to help the person, but to take out their phone and stomp it.

10 Reasons to close down Stomp

1) Invasion of privacy

(you think the girl wants this to be out on the cyber space?)

When stompers take pictures of the subjects they’re stomping, they’re invading their privacy

2) Stomp instils a false mentality of how people should behave

(u never know if this man had to look aft his kids and work at the same time and the commuting time is the only time he could sneak a nap)

The all-famous-priority-seat articles. Fuck la every seat on the public transport is a priority seat ok. the only reason those seats are priority because they’re nearer to the exits so people in need don’t have to squeeze through the train to get to a seat the in middle. SMRT only put the signs up to remind ppl to be gracious, not to instil a responsibility. Now nobody sits on the priority seats because they scare kena stomp and everyone fight for the other seats so they don’t have to give up theirs. This is just one example I am rising

3) Half truths

(the infamous article that started the petition to close down stomp)

Many articles on STOMP only tell one side of the story, from the Stomper’s pov. Which means they dunno the complete truth. My dad used to tell me that “half truths are worse than lies”. If TST wanna encourage civilian journalism, mayb they should also had educate people on responsible journalism too.

4) Dilute social morals

Ok I dunno the right term to say this, but it’s like I say earlier, when people see something wrong happening, they don’t step up and do something bout it. They jus stay behind with their phones and capture the moment down to stomp it. Not saying I’m very righteous but I’m the kind that will say auntie and uncles if they cut q or tell them off when they’re being very rude to younger people. I think I’m lucky enough cos I haven cause a big enough scene to go on stomp lol! Oh another example is, some guy took a photo of a peeping tom taking photos of other girls. Take photo and stomp liao then? the perv still got away right! lame.

5) Elders take things for granted

Related to my previous point, now with STOMP, the elders think they can get away with anything because they know people scare kena stomp. Sorry hor, you old, doesn’t mean u dunnid to be gracious, kind and courteous. In fact all the more your have to be nice to show good example to younger generation right. Honestly la, nowadays youngster like us are more considerate than the older generation so for example, we wouldn’t fight with u for seats. But since u have the energy to fight for seat you have the energy to stand (yea what!) because I know, that when a older ah ma / ah gong come up, you will not give your seat to them. So I take the seat so that I will give it up later to people that are really in need.

Eg. My friend told me once he was on the train in the priority seat in the morning. Then this middle age business man came up, newspaper in hand and said to my friend “get out of the seat, I have right to sit here”. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK!?

6) Promoting intolerance among people

(it’s just cosplay, not lik she stole your husband or what?)

this one dunnid to elaborate. small thing also wanna stomp, just man up and do something bout it la!

7) Nonsense

Just today I saw a post that says “man puzzled by death tent under blk”. apparently this uncle bring son go school and saw the death tent that is present during suicide cases. NEED SO KAYPOH NOT! and in this case…please have some respect for the dead

8) Poor NS men and army personnels

(it’s just water for god sake! kaypoh a not this person really)

As if their life not hard enough (whether they chao geng or what, still serving the nation), civilians make things difficult for them.

9) Promoting pervs

these pic say its all

10) Embarrassing Singapore

(Seems like most embarrassing things happens on the train)

Chinese saying goes “you don’t go around showing your dirty laundry”. U honestly want foreigners to come across STOMP and see all the bad and the ugly side of Singapore?

Honestly, there is no point to having stomp around cos the articles on good act just go forgotten cos of the vast amount of bad and lame post. Good articles of other things come from 9gag, huffing post etc so whats the point of Stomp really. Just shut it down already