Going Solo #3: Staycation

Over the long weekend, I booked a staycation at the Lloyd’s Inn. Most of the time people go for a staycay with friends or their bf/gf. But for me, I really needed me-time to rejuvenate for the crazy month ahead.

I’ve always wanted to go Lloyd’s Inn because I like accommodations with loads of natural lighting and space. Studio M is one such other hotels but I’ve tried there once so I need a change.

Studio M; Bay windows and loft concept. All the spaciousness and cosiness I need

Big Garden Room @ Lloyd’s Inn aka my room. You can’t really see it but the wooden floorspace near the bottom of the pic extends to the other half the room, enough to put another 2 beds. BIG room I must say


It was fully booked on the website..

BUT! One hotel trick I learnt during my work in Ritz Carlton is, most hotels will block out some rooms from online booking for “just in case”. So if you ever get a full occupancy on the website, try calling in to their front desk to double check if they still have rooms available. #lifehack~

Having my own garden also means I don’t have to go all the way up to the roof terrance if i need fresh air. And these nights are getting crazy hot anyways


The signature “Alley” shot at Lloyd’s Inn where everybody goes there to take their ootd lol

All I did the whole time was chill by the pool, sleep (quite a bit), watch Games of Thrones and movies with beer, and blogging. Super chill I kid you not.

But with this crazy weather now, I was only out for like 2-3hours before I gave up and went back to my room


Why spend the money when I can rejuvenate at home, right?

Because (1) My mom thinks that I’m suppose to be doing housework when I’m not working so, as good as no break (2) I’m a sucker for hotel beddings (3) Need a break from the usual, familiar surroundings…

Aye~ it’s ok if you don’t get my point; I have my funny logic sometimes. But here are the pros & cons of a solo staycation..

PROS: You’ll have double beds to yourself with several pillows / You get to do your own things without disturbance / You can sleep as late as you want and wake up whatever time you like / when you don’t have the budget or leaves to go for vacation but you need a break, staycation is good enough.

CONS: You’re paying it yourself instead of sharing cost / not advisable for people who are too timid to sleep in unfamiliar places because you’ll just be paranoid. / Nobody to help you take photos especially when the place is REALLY nice (self-timer lo).

WILL I EVER DO IT AGAIN: Duh, now I’m basically more recharged, for the VERY, VERY Crazy Month of June.

I think taking time out for yourself is one of the most refreshing thing you can do for yourself. When you’re on your own, you do things at your own pace, you don’t have to accommodate to other people’s schedule and preference AT ALL, just basically your own time to do your own things. When you start working, you start to appreciate more Me-time for yourself than ever.

For the month of June, it’s gonna be Work / USS Parades / S24 Trainings / Yfest / Dance…
#bracingmyself (woots)