19 Best Dressed Streetbeasts at Sole Superior 2016

In case you have been out of the loop, Sole Superior 2016 just happened over the weekend. And boy it was crazy! Each year it gets bigger and better than the previous.

This year, instead of covering the event as I did previously, I decided to scout for some of the best dressed people at the event with Melissa (@a.series). After all, style and fashion is my thing, ain’t it? One thing’s for sure, we were not on the look out for who was wearing the hypest brands because STYLE COMES BEFORE HYPE; it’s the whole package. If you are wearing hype things but you haven’t got style, man you need to up your game. And even if you don’t have the hypest gear but you got style, it’s all that matters #truth.

(all photos are taken by @a.series / @melissalcl)

If you are going to rock Yeezys, you better do it right…

1. @imrntv, Graphic Designer (20)

Imran is in tonal black gear with the Pirate Black Yeezy, complete with a Y-3 tote and Supreme cap.

2. @dylandkl , Student (19)

And this trio where you will see the Yeezy V2 accompanied by a Nike Air Jordan 1.
Am particularly digging Dylan’s olive outfit accented with white and the orange detailing from the Yeezy,

3. @parag0n, Student (15)

For a kid his age, I have always been impressed Ee Jin’s style. He wears a denim jacket from ‘The Life of Pablo’ merch line and the coveted Yeezy V2 in white. By the way, check out his IG ’cause his photography is dope af.

And then there’s the crowd that brought back true old school ’90s flava

4. @marzipansgd, Dancer (31)

Streetwear in the ’90s was a lot more colorful than it is now. Marcus blends the old and the new in a vintage San Antonio Spurs X Mitchell & Ness NBA Authentic 94-95 Jacket and Wood Wood x New Balance 670.

5. @clarahongg, ??? (??)

One of the reigning local streetbaes, Clara rocks FILA with an all-black outfit. Pretty sure she is going to make Fila cool again in our local scene.
Photo by – @izzraimy.

6. @tingxwei, Student (19)

Probably one of the most outstanding outfits I’ve seen that day, Ting is the perfect example where you don’t have to deck full out in streetwear brands to look good. Mixing vintage pieces in contrasting prints of the same color family, the focus is drawn to her Vans Old Skool in Tan leather.

7. @_nakedsnaps, Student (16)

Heating up the jersey game, Danish is spotted in a 10 Deep All Saints Jersey.

Coming back to present time, simple does it when you put the right combination together. I.e. Colors, prints, minute details..

8. @rocky_rated, Visualiser (26)’

Literally the first person i spotted because of his yellow tee. Rocky’s outfit is effortlessly put together. Check out those Jordan 1s though!

9. @yinemily, Graphic designer (??)

Well, you have to admit yellow is a really eye-catching color. but only a handful can pull it off really well. We spotted Yin from afar in the line. A chirpy outfit with a personality to match, Yin wears Stoned and Co.

10. @izzraimy, NS (22)

Usually a simple outfit of a graphic tee and ripped jeans, complete with a pair of chucks will do the trick. But you can spice things up a little but slipping in some exclusivity as Izz did with his Palace Tri Coco Tee and PLAY by CDG x Converse Chuck Taylors.

11. @spawntan, Freelancer (32)

A sick graphic tee will speak the loudest when you keep your outfit simple so that the print stands out. Syafique is wearing The Hundreds “Where’s Adam Bomb” Tee and Lafayette camp cap.

12. @tontonlim, Student (17)

If you are not one to be challenged by the Singapore heat and humidity, MA-1s will always be your safest choice of outerwear. Preston is wearing an Alpha Industries MA-1 flight jacket.

Or you can go low-key hype by wearing OG brand collabs that people seem to forget about now because majority just wanna get the “hype” stuff…

13. @yatkinsei, Police officer (30)

A true Bape represent, Yat is wearing Bape x Stussy Shark Army Jaw Head T-Shirt and Bape WGM Shark jogger pants.

And finally, it is all in the details

14.  @the_daxian, Teacher (34)

The print game is strong with Peng Yuan as he works with layering to create a a cohesive outfit.

15. @kevbinn, Student (15)

Masked up in Bape, Kevbin is decked in a cap from the Singapore ‘The Life of Pablo’ merch line, Palace coach jacket and adidas NMDs.

16. @black.wolfsbane, Production executive- Mighty Jaxx (27)

Bane kills it with his 10 Deep ‘The Bonzai’ Military shirt that features mandarin buttons, complete with a safari hat and tinted shades.

17. @izzadely, Student (18)

Windbreaker, Champion, and Reebok Classics on feet; this is the perfect recipe for an Old School outfit. Note how Dee accessories with a gold chain and gold-rimmed specs, and the little touch of pins on his beanie.

18. @hanyaseah, Student (??)

Another streetbae in town, Hanya definitely caught some attention with her Supreme championship football jersey. But on a closer look, check out those sick grillz by @chezgrillz.


With guys dominating the list, girls it’s time to up our streetwear game! Keep experimenting and remember, it ain’t always about the hype. See ya next year!

p/s Just in case any of you are curious, I wore:

Black Suede Dad Cap – @sfbclo
Stussy Crossback Sports Bra
Carhartt White Overalls
Air Jordan 4 ‘Oreo’