Elephant legs be gone!

I had always hav friends asking me “eh mianbao how to slim legs ah?” Or “eh sian ah i got thunder legs”. Cos u see i uses to be a bit plump and my lower body is pretty huge for my frame; my thighs were the killer!! T~T

Like i hav a pretty average-small waist but because of my thighs i always worse  1 or 2 size bigger so end up my pants become ill fitting, making me look even less flattering. Truth to be, my thighs were lik 21″ on each size, now its 18/19″ and my legs look toned in generally! (lol ownself say only) Because i will nvr look lik i’ve got long legs because im about as tall as a hobbit, slim legs are good enough!

Of course i genuinely have a solution to nicer legs BUT!! like the saying goes “there’s no such thing as a ugly girl, only got lazy girl!” so must be a bit hardworking and committed if u want 美腿! Basically this is a set of massage exercise that is always featured in VIVI mag, for calves, knees and thighs.


Massaging you calves is extremely important especially for girls because we’re always wearing heels, wedges, platforms that basically puts pressure on our feets; thus we always stress the muscles in our calves. Over time if we not relax the muscle, it will become tougher and then you will have unsightly BA ZHANG CALVES *duhn duhn duhn dramatic music* or worse, Ba zhang calves with varicose veins! *cues dramatic music again*

*Ba zhang calves*

What you want to achieve…

toned calves!

Anyway this exercise is suitable for both guys and girls. I mean we walk a lot in our daily lives so it’s natural is our calves get tired at the end of the day. The calf exercise is broken down to 3 steps as followed

Step 1: Divide your calf into several sections, from  ankle to the back of your knee. Using your thumbs, apply pressure  for 10 secs on each section starting from your ankle then ending at the back of your knee. Keep it in a straight line.

Step 2: Like kneading play-do, pinch your calf and knead towards your shin. Also do this in sections, kneading each section twice

Step 3: Using your knuckles, apply pressure at the bottom of your shin and slide up all the way to just below your knees. Press and hold for bout 3 secs when u reached the top.

Repeat step 1-3 once more

Moving up…Knees

Ehhhhhh….actually i have much to say cause i don’t really know how fat knees look like o.O? Also (not being a show off) when i tried to do this, i couldn’t squeeze anything!? hahahahah but well i guess if u got slim thigh n calves then suddenly got knee dumpling will look funny right so just do this too ok! Besides it’s good blood circulation right. Anyway the chinese description says it’s easy for cellulite to accumulate on the knees so this exercise can prevent that?

Step 1: Starting from the outer side of your knee, pushhhh all way to towards the inner knee and pinch and hold for 3 secs; repeat 10x.

*To better illustrate this, imagine your knee is like a ziploc bag then you nidda push all the air out of the bag before you pinch and seal the bag. So applying this to your knee, push “the air” from your outer knee to you inner knee then “pinch and seal”*

(the circled area is inner knee so opposite is outer knee of course)

Step 2: Using your thumbs, start from the top of your knee and circulate in a clockwise direction for 10x, while applying pressure of course. Remember, u wanna “press all the air out of the ziploc bag”

Repeat step 1 & 2 once more


Every girl’s nightmare to have fat, wobbly thighs that jigger as u walk/run/jump. And almost no form of exercise can effectively eradicate this problem. Running/jogging; if u use the wrong technique u end up with muscle build up. And it’s not like u can tell your body which part of your body u want it to lose fats. So sometimes u end up losing boobs before u even lose thigh fats! *cues dramatic horror music again*. U can try doing this after your run but you know, i’m always kindda lazy to run (dry laugh) so i just do this only.

Step 1: Using your fist, start from the top of your knee and glide your fist up to the top of your thigh whilst applying pressure. Again applying the “ziploc technique”. Repeat 10x

Step 2: *note this will hurt a little but it’s worth it* divide your inner thigh into sections. For each section, pinch and knead REALLY hard! and you REALLY REALLY wanna squish the fats! Squish and squash each section 3x, working from the fattest end of ur thigh to the thinest. do this step TWICE.

Step 3: Using your palms, push and swipe the “squished fats” from the thin end all the way end of your thigh. do this step 10x

Repeat step 1- 3 once more

do take note that the FULL set of above’s exercise is only for ONE LEG! so remember to do the complete set on the other leg! it may seem like it takes a long time but seriously, only takes about 20 mins for 2 legs. That equals to the time u take to finish one mask / watch 1/3 episode of runninng man *just saying*so don’t use “no time” as an excuse!!

But i have to say this exercise alone is not going help you achieve a thigh gap. Because this exercise stimulate lymphatic circulation. Like u have “toxic and waste” accumulated and blocking up your circulation so the exercise helps to dissipate the toxins and promote circulation, achieving toner and prettier legs. On top of this, you may have to do some simple toning exercise depending on how thick your legs are. These exercise can be done without even hitting the gym. In fact you can do it at your own time.

Exercise 1: Stairs.

Walk up stairs or escalator. you know how koreans have beautiful long leg? it’s because they walk a lot of stairs! When u take the stairs it micro-stretch ur thigh and calf muscle so over time your legs become more firm  and tone without muscle build up.

Exercise 2: Kiap a book

This can be done in the office / school / home. you jus need a thin book / magazine / paper. For maximum kiapping use paper. Basically just sit on a chair then kiap the material with your knee. Then try and squeeze your thighs together while kiapping the material. For maximum effect, go on tippy toes, lifting your heels of the ground. *refer to pic below*

Hold this position for 5 mins at a time, and u can do this as many times as you wan in a day! This exercise helps to tone up your inner thigh so do note that u should feel a bit of strain in your inner thigh while doing this. By right you should not feel any strain in your upper thigh uh.

Exercise 3: Up the wall

This exercise don’t even require you to exert energy, just let gravity do its work. Especially for girls in heels the whole day, this helps to allow blood flow back to the rest of your body after extended hours of flowing down to your feet; thus reduces swelling. At the same time u can flex and point your toes while in this position to help stretch and relax your feet muscles.

So that’s all i have! Although most of us are not blessed to be born thin, that doesn’t mean we cannot work our way to achieve our dream figure! So jia you girls and work hard k!