Collate The Label; Girl-boss, Girl-inspiration


Singapore Fashion Week just ended last Sunday. I’m still quite bummed I didn’t make it with all the other commitments in my life currently :(  But my insta-feed had been super happening so even though I wasn’t there, I still got some previews what’s happening. Yea I know nothing beats the real thing..kk I’ll make it for next year.


One of the biggest talks that came out of SFW2015, is Collate The Label.



If you don’t already know, Collate The Label is a new independent label founded by Velda Tan, who is the co-founder of Love, Bonito.


On the collection: A prime example of “Less is More”, it’s simple, yet elegant at the same time. The construction on some of the pieces gives a different visual to the otherwise basic silhouettes. The use of contrasting materials and hues also adds subtle details to the minimalistic pieces.

This collection definitely worked in achieving a balance in bold constructions, playing with contrast in textures and colors. I really love the pleated hem layered dress (1st right), the mint peplum dress (1st left) and open back sleeveless dress (not shown here) from this collection.

Aside from the collection, what I really wanted to talk about is the woman behind the label. I think Velda is an inspiration to all independent fashion retailers and girls in Singapore.

Starting from a humble blogshop (Bonito Chico), Love, Bonito had emerged at the top. They became a registered company (since 2010),  started manufacturing their own lines and even collaborating with international designers to create new collections. To be able to reach this level,  I believe this takes a lot of passion, commitment and vision; especially when you consider back then not many consumers believed in e-tailing.

Tex Saverio x Love, Bonito at SGFW2015 source:

Tex Saverio x Love, Bonito at SGFW2015

Over the years as a blogshopper, I’ve seen so many blogshops pop-up and disappear, shops that are no different from each other in terms of product offerings. I feel what sets LB apart from the rest is they were always ahead of trends. Forecasting trends takes an amount of research and sourcing, both of which are not easy. Also, LB adds value to their customers by offering different product lines and efficient customer service. On top of that, I figured it’s the persistent attitude and forward vision of the founders that led to the success of Love, Bonito today.

So for blogshop owners, this business is not easy. But what you can learn from Love, Bonito is don’t be afraid to step forward and be different. Be innovative when it comes to adding value to your customers because that’ll set you apart from your competitors. More importantly, success and popularity don’t come overnight. So you have to be resilient to build up your shop’s name.

Then, as for Velda, instead of getting all comfy despite the success of LB, she continued to improve herself “going back to school” and further expanded her direction and vision for the local fashion scene. Hence, rather than envying the luxurious lifestyle she has, I urge girls to be inspired by her attitude towards achieving her goals. You have to dream big and be more confident about doing what you love. You’ll meet with obstacles and setbacks but these will help you learn. Sustained success does not come overnight nor does it just come with a pretty face, you have to work HARD for it you know.


As for Collate The Label, with a visionary like her behind the label, I believe we can expect more awe-inspiring designs from the label. And maybe we’ll soon see this home-grown brand on the international stage.