Diguesting & rude things that people is SG do (or not do)

First of all, i’m know im not perfect, and also not exactly the most courteous person around. but seriously there are some disgusting and rude things that people in sg do that make me feel embarassed to be in this country. I like SG but its the people that suck most of the time.

*note* i said PEOPLE IN SINGAPORE. So these include singaporeans, prs, phinoy, indo, cheena etc etc. As long they’ve resided in singapore basically.

Makes me wonder do these people not hav proper upbringing? Never learnt manners? Selfish? Lazy? Is it so hard to be considerate to others? Tsk tsk seriously *roll eyes*

Ever went to wash your hands in a public toilet and greeted with a sink full of food remanents? Seriously people, it does not take more than 10 secs to wash away those food particles. I dunnid to know u had chai fan for lunch. And u’d think only the uncles and aunties are lik that? NO! So wrong. I once saw a girl around my age doing that. So whats the point of looking pretty when u’re really disgusting. No its not the toilet cleaner’s job to clean up after you. Be a responsible adult

doubt i have to elaborate on these. But u’ll be surprised how in our , supposedly “civilised” society, people still dunno how to flush. Never take the automated flush system for granted. Fucking flush the bowl clean before u leave the cubicle. Like u wouldn’t want the next user to judge u right. To be honest, i accidentally shamed a woman in a public toilet once. I went in and exclaimed loudly to my friend outside “omg! The woman never flush!” And it was a gross sight, blood and all! So apparantly my friend said immediately everyone in the q (6 ppl or so) jus turned and stared at the said woman and gave disapproving looks till she left. Quite bad on my part but its the shock moment and u momentarily forget. Just saying. Dbl, triple flush if u have to :/

It’s not in south east asia culture to clear our tables in a fast food restaurant but i think it’s something good we should pick up? Lik if u go to mcdonalds you would want a clean table too right; rather than one that is dirty and gross (bones and sauce everywhere).which brings me to my point.

Im not bother by people who don’t clear their tables, im bothered by people who makes a mess and don’t clear up! Like bones on the table, napkins and crumbs everywhere. U think it’s disgusting to put the bones u gnawed on your plate? How about clearing bones left on the table that others gnawed on? More gross right? Ya thats what the cleaners and waiters have to do. If u’re not clearing your table, at least have some table manners and courtesy, don’t make things difficult for the staff.

I hate it when people say “it’s their job to clean tables”. Least u could do is be more considerate and not make their job even more gross uh? Put ur bones on ur plate, clean up spilled sauce, it’s that easy

Ok maybe this is only gross to me because i don’t like it when i have random drops ofwater flicked at me. But don’t anyone else find it annoying when ppl flick water then it hits you on your leg? The hand dryer and napkins are readily available. Also, there’s no plants on the toilet floor so one does not have to water the floor. Ok?

i think this is super rude ok! Especially if u’re a shover! does it hurt to say EXCUSE ME!? If the person didn’t hear you then just say louder but do still sound polite. And also just because u say excuse me and the person don’t move means u can shove them out of the way! I get this a lot from the OLDER crowd and some office people. Serious self-entitlement issue can. and those people try to squeeze through the gaps and you end up hitting or stepping on people.seriously saying ‘excuse me’ makes your life easier.

Speaking of these, i encountered the most ridiculous group of office people at tampines today. Was kindda in a rush and heading down the escalator when this group of people blocked up the escalator instead of keeping left. So i said “erm sorry excuse me” loud enough for the group to hear. And then, instead of shifting to the left side of the steps (escalator NOT crowded at all), they just opened a tiny gap in the middle for me to pass. So i had some difficulty walking down the steps because i was carrying a big bag. So at the last person i jus told him politely “erm i think its better y’all keep left next time). Then as i stepped down the escalator, the bitch of the group exclaimed damn loudly “say excuse me so loud for what”.

I was lik wtf!? U guys are quite at fault and u’re being so obnobxious bout it? And besides, if i don’t say excuse what u expect me to say/do? Shove y’all one side is it. Seriously wth!

I swear steph. Koh is right in saying singaporeans are not happy; that’s because majority people are so rude and selfish!

honestly this is something that people in SG are not doing enough. Having worked in the service industry, this is a norm and i feel it’s quite rude. Just because we are serving you, does not mean we don’t deserve basic respect. Also goes to show you have no manners

“Pass me ketchup”
“I want this,” “give me that”

Sometimes worse



*points to item* (don’t even bother to open their mouth)

Not just to service staff, even to your own friends and family. Familarity is not an excuse for no manners. you may think one little word makes no difference. But really, it makes a huge difference. it completely changes the tone of the request, and since you need people’s favour or help you should at least sound nice right. So DON’T BE LAZY, SPEAK IN COMPLETE SENTENCE AND SAY PLEASE. Education is wasted on people if you don’t have good manners.

This is one of the worse too! Especially common among older people, i also do see ppl in my age group being this mean. Often the people who have high demands for service are often the ones who are rude, mean and difficult. Then they will say “service sucks”; please la, if u’re mean to your waiters u still expect them to treat you like royalty? Shame on you. If u’re nice and polite to the staff, most of the time they will be happier to serve you

“The customer is always right” is the dumbest thing ever said. I’d say “the customer is only right sometimes.” First, customers dunno the company’s operation, procedure and empowerment. Second, some customers are jus ridiculous, how can they be right?

I believe in karma. U may b the customer of this service person today but one day that person could become a customer or important cilent of yours. Rmb what goes around comes around

Then to the people who ever insulted a service staff, calling them ‘stupid’ ‘idiot’ etc etc, you are the lowest of human being. These people are paid to help you, not paid to be scolded or insulted. And nobody ever deserves this kind of treatment, ever! Employees are just following company policy so insulting them will not change anything, only making you an uglier person

These are the people, when they see people are busy doing something, they will still demand for your full attention and you have to serve them immediately. Seen a lot such people while working at Merely; the indo-chinese students, the smu students, some office people here and there. Like hey, we’re in the midst of serving others and we notice your pressence alrd, so just wait! If u insist on calling out orders while we’re serving orders, chances are we’ll miss out some details. And you are also cutting other people’s q (so rude!) truthfully i’m the kind of person where the more rude and impatient u are, the more i will purposely take my time to attend to u t(^-^t). But most of the time i nice la ah. If the customer nice i also will give slightly bigger scoop that kind of thing k *shhhhh*

Guys, i’m sorry to say this but the Ladies Room is possibly more disgusting than the Mens Room. Im not gonna elaborate because girls know what im talking about and men will never encounter such thing. Like OMG HOW CAN GIRLS BE SO DISGUSTING!! I cannot comprehend! Jus fold properly, roll in the pad wrapper/ toilet paper and slide INTO the bin. Got take very long meh!? Very difficult meh!? Sheeshz!?

this one confirm see before one. Especially guys! Not just uncles ok! Men in generally. It’s like the louder they sneeze the more man they feel hahaha. Ya but anyway,always cover ur mouth when u sneeze or cough, whether u do it loud or subtly.

Thats all i can think of now. But as u can see, A LOT OF THESE THING ARE BASIC MANNERS AND COURTESY! So i dunno whyyyyyyy! So many can still be like that! It’s like being nice will kill them like that. Say whuttttt