#321- I Died

SKIRT: from Taiwan
SHOES: New Balance

Not much pictures today because I’m dead beat from training yesterday. Oh wait, dead beat is an understatement. I woke up feeling like i got ran over by a train or something.

We danced almost non-stop for 4 hrs, stopping in between maybe thrice to have a drink of water. The Koreans are hardcore I swear. Could barely focus at work today because of muscle fatigue. Almost got super annoyed trying to edit one of my writer’s article…

But it’s ok, it’s gonna be an awesome experience because I’m training under one of my waacking idols! ^^ it’ll get better tomorrow I’m sure.


#311- Next level selfie-tography

TOP: Python Print Oversized Tee
BOTTOM: Black Box Pleat Skirt
SHOES: New Balance 996 (and check out my cute robot socks!)

So I found a new place to take my ootd shots because the blank wall is getting a bit boring ain’t it lol. Can’t believe I didn’t thought of this place until today

And if you haven’t realised already, all my shots are taken using SELF-TIMER. Can I claim to be the one of the best self-tographer in Singapore? Haha.

Honestly I feel more comfortable taking my own shots because I know my best angles and I don’t have to feel bad when I need repeated shots taken. Of course this comes with practise. If you do this everyday for a year, I’m sure you can be as good too!

Of course it helps too when you good with post-processing.

Or maybe I should do a post on “The Art of Selfie-tography” huh?