#321- Textures

TOP: Cropped Cami from Runway Bandits
OUTER: Leather Biker Jacket from Wonderstellar
BOTTOM: Cream Tulle Midi Skirt from MDS Collection
SHOES: Puma Suedes from Foot Locker

I think I’ve mentioned before; to make your monochrome outfit more interesting, you can play with textures on your outfit by mixing materials.

By mixing tulle and leather, you make a girly outfit more edgy! Seriously if you think about it, without my leather jacket, i’ll look all ready for a ballet recital haha. I call this the feminine streetwear style lol.

As for my shoes, I love my new puma suedes! I used to have a pair that’s full black with white swish but it’s one size bigger. I dunno how i managed to dance in it for one year because even with insoles it’s still damn loose. So I donated it away.

Had been wanting to get a fitting pair since because puma suedes are good dancing shoes. But it’s like quite lame to get back the same one. Was eyeing on the all-navy one but at least 2 people in the dance scene has it.

Then I remembered about this website called Foot Locker, where you can basically find all kinds of sneakers there in most sizes! That includes designs that are not imported in Singapore. Woohoo! So yes Imma buy my sneakers from Foot Locker next time since

1) I can find my size

2) Highly unlikely someone else will have the same shoes as me in Singapore

3) Super fast shipping!

4) The price difference compared to Singapore is not that big anyways.

#306; Monochrome Fever

TOP:  Striped cropped tee from Taiwan
OUTER: Zara-inspired leather jacket from Wonderstellar
BOTTOM: Pleated midi skirt from Aforarcade
SHOES: Heeled booties from H&M

In order to make a monochrome outfit standout, I like to play with textures and patterns

The leather jacket helps add a sheer to the matted top so you can a contrast in fabrics, while the subtle hardware detailing on the jacket  and stitching patterns adds a different dimension to the outfit.

And of course, the pleated skirt creates an volumnised illusion to the whole outfit, yet the straight lines of the pleats elongates the outfit, so I’ll look, you know, taller~

And if you’ve loved my brownish and long hair, look at it while it last k. haha