Guess Who’s Writing For One Of Streetwear’s Biggest Online Publication?

I’m back! I know I haven’t update this page in a long time. Guess I’m pretty much taking a hiatus. Not because I’ve ran out of ideas to write, it’s more like I haven’t found the time and energy to sustain writing!

Oh ya quick update. Earlier this month, a friend of mine told me that one of streetwear’s biggest online publication is hiring people to expand their editorial team. I didn’t think I would stand a chance but hey, no harm trying right? So I sent in my CV along with links to 3 of my articles here. Following that was a few days of phone calls, email exchanges, and a submission of more samples.

And guess what now? I’m a contributor for HYPEBEAST! Ok specifically I’m writing for the female division, HYPEBAE. So well, in case you do miss my writing, you can still hop over there and read the articles written by me. Until I’ve gotten used to the pace there and relieve myself of writer’s fatigue*, I doubt I’ll be updating here for a while.

TIll then!

*I don’t know if it’s a real thing but I don’t know how some people can blog some more after a full day of writing. Like I just feel my brain frying up while I stare at the blank page here. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back!