Girly Sport Chic

Ok i have to admit, other than throwing on a jersey, there is nothing else “Sporty” for this look. But hey, jersey is still trending over here in SG and because of the different styles of jersey, there are limitless ways to dress-up in them! My personal favourite are baseball jerseys and basketball jerseys, in terms of the shape and patterns used. But some girls deter away from jerseys cos they think it’s too boyish? but really you can look chic in it with the right styling!

For this look, I’m wearing a basketball-styled jersey by Bank II Brothers. Actually got this at a dance event FloorKilla. the brand is by Dandy, a korean popper. the jersey comes in black/red and red/blue. But i figured b/1 would be more versatile for my wardrobe. Paired the jersey with a bright red pencil skirt instead of shorts or leggings to girlified the look. Complete with the right accessories (Cap from Stussy, flora studded clutch from taiwan, gold buckled booties from taiwan; but a few blogshops brings them in)

Actually this kind of look has been feature in VIVI a few times, except theirs is with hoodies..

But honestly who wears a hoodie in our country this season! a walk to the mrt station makes me perspire already when i wearing a breezy outfit. Seriously the weather last warning. So anyway adapting this style, i mod it to smth more suitable for our climate. The main style point of this look is..

If u’re wearing baggy top, wear a tight bottom. Else u’ll look REALLY short. The Big-Top-Tight-Bottom combi give the illusion of a slimmer/petite sillouette. And of course wearing heel-ed footwear will give the extra height. But i wouldn’t advice to wear those wedge sneakers cos those look really heavy, weighing down your whole sillouette. If u’re tall and have never-ending legs, u can consider wearing dr marts (seen in vivi model example 1). for the rest of us vertically challenged girls, let’s stick with heels k :)

also, because these basketball jerseys have huge armholes, PLEASE WEAR A PRESENTABLE BRA / SPORTS BRA!! i’ve seen girl wearing muscle tanks with granny-nude bras…not a very pleasing sight o.O Here i’m wearing a caged sports bra (chatuchak 1 for $4 only!!!). In a way it adds some tiny detail from a side view..

but if you don’t have caged bras, i guess bikinis can do too. if u wan a covered look, cotton on body sells pretty nice sports bras if i remember (and if they haven changed out their season yet). Main thing is because the overall pairing of the clothes outside is quite plain, u can afford to go for a louder innerwear for a focus point in the style.

And one last thing, as i don’t have the luxury of long hair, so my hair will look flat and my face will look huge when i wear a cap. Therefore styling is not just bout clothes! hair is also important! what i do is curl my ends  to create volume so my hair don’t look so life less  (makes my face look smaller too!)

that’s all!