12072014 x True love is when…

True love is when..

you both attempt to take the ugliest shit photo of each other and laugh at it together!
Lol it’s finally weekend and it’s date day with xm after parade. But first, here are the shots for my OOTD!

Dress Down Saturday it is

TOP: Polka Dot Bralet from Wonderstellar, Cream long cardigan from Factorie
BOTTOM: Shredded High waist shorts
SHOES: Caged Boots from Taiwan
ACCESSORIES: Hat from Forever 21, Whistle necklace from Forever 21

But you probably wouldn’t find the bralet anymore i bought it ages ago. Wonderstellar is one of my fav blogshops to get clothes from by the way! Have been supporting them since their livejournal days and when Francesca was modelling for them!







But this not the first time i wore this combi of clothes, only changes were the accessories. So therefore proving again, accessories can change the feel & complete a look. I used jus wear sneakers and no headgear. So imagine…a bit slack uh lol





So after parade, met xm to go for BAK KUT TEH! One thing i love about xm is, he don’t mind wondering around to look for new places. I use to date guys who just stay at home whole day / just head to town or usual spots, and complain that SG is so small and boring -___- but it’s all over, i got myself a great guy now ^^


*imitating each other’s photo face. xm say he wanted to punch himself for that face hahaha*


OK people, now…



DROOL!oh yea, the only thing bout xm that annoys me is he is picky with food! like there’s a crazy bunch of things he don’t eat! told him next time i swore that next time i’ll train our kids not to be picky with food, so he’ll feel left out haha.

SO YAY! finally bak kut teh! have been craving for these since Klang cos we didn’t get to eat any famous BKT there *zzzz*

So do you prefer the dark soup or the white soup? Both xm and i love the white soup than the dark soup. Pepper over herbal~ Had this at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh Restaurant at Havelock Rd.


Randomlywalked from Havelock Rd to Tiong Bahru Rd. stumbled upon The Dispensary after dinner.

Heard of it before but haven been there and then we just randomly found it haha. Also cos i was craving for cake so it was the cake in the display that halted me before i saw the sign. The cafe took over an old chinese medical hall so it’s quite cool because they use the herb shelves to store their things and it’s clean and cozy.


Ordered the Nutella Cupcake & Salted Caramel Red Velvet cupcake and a Mint tea.



And then, the photo taking starts. It started cos i took a super unglam picture of xm lol! scroll all the way down to see ou most unglam picture. So after that he tried to take ugly photos of me. The whole time aft that we were just very conscious of how we look in case we get a ugly shot lol. Hence all these nicer, but faked-posed pictures.




But really, these were the winners of the night! ahhaha


Actual quote from xm : Wa lao next time i yawn i’m gonna cover my mouth. Din know so ugly sia! omg

So i guess if u wanna make someone learn to cover their mouth when they yawn, i guess u can take a photo and put it on social media lol

Also here’s me drinking tea and looking creepy as i look lik i’m plotting something. lol

You know if you come to terms u can make ugly faces, nobody can bring you down by saying u’re ugly. Cos it’ll be like

Asshole: U ugly piece of shit
Me: ya i’m ugly, then?
Asshole: erm.. ermm.. ok good u know
*end of conversation*

ok here’s me huggin a 2 year old white lion in S.Africa last year. Enjoy the rest of your weekend kthxbye!

Really Cafehopping

Gonna start off the post by saying…

MY HOMEGIRL JAZREEL IS BACK FROM PARIS AFT 6 MTHS!! *hugs and tears* lol ok not that drama but it’s so good to see her after so long. So the 3 of us (cher, jaz & i) decide to go cafehopping before jaz goes back.

By cafehopping, we really went to a few cafes in a span of 5hrs! like usually people hop 2 cafes or 3, but we went to 4!? of course we din eat at ALL of them, just went for what’s signature there.

First stop,



Had been craving for their beef cheeks! but we din had that, order the pancakes and full breakfast set to share!


The pancakes were really good! super fluffy and all the garnish complimented it really well! the crunchy sweet garnola, warm bananas, the berry sauce..mmmhmmmm


Full breakfast! love the spinach and mushroom! actually love everything on the plate except baked beans, totally not a fan. Eggs not as dope as the day i went with jo but still good ^^


After brunch we decide to head over to a neighbouring cafe…



I’m not a major coffee drinker (i hate coffee) but jaz and cher are. Jaz daringly ordered a long black, which i cannot comprehend how can anybody down sometime so BITTER!!! i literally get shivers and the side of my jaw ache from the bitterness and acidity of the coffee *bleahz*

so i jus ordered myself a chai latte, which in my opinion is nicer than starbucks; spicier but not overpowering. love it!


At this point of time we were a bit food coma-ish but still to we head over to our 3rd stop..


Took the bus and walked really long in the heat before we made it to the cafe X_X

only ordered their waffle and quiche to try, and drinks of course cos the weather was crazy hot! elderflower lemonade for me, vanilla yoghurt smoothie (need some getting use to the taste) for cher and long black (again~ but this is better than toby’s) for jaz.


A tad disappointed with it cos it’s suppose to be meatloaf quiche, but i swear it’s spam/luncheon meat inside. Also they didn’t warm it up before serving so it was a bit meh~


But kindda manage to redeem themselves with this waffle. Super fluffy! lik i usually don’t like waffles unless it’s Merely’s but this is good! everything went very well together, except that they say is banana rum waffle, we din taste any rum o.O

oh! we also saw drea chong at the cafe! star-struck moment cos she is so pretty with a bit of air of elegance, can’t believe she is only jaz’s age!

After filling our tummies for the 2nd time, we made room for desserts at..



Took a cab from chinatown to mountbatten cos it’s a bit inaccessible from where we were. Kindda like the vibe of the shop; got the homely cosy feel! anyway, DON’T ORDER THE STRAWBERRY GREEN TEA! it kindda tasted like medicine =/


Ordered the Victorian and Popcorn caramel cake. Ok honestly i think the cakes were so-so only. Actually if u think about it, a lot cafes these days are just selling concept only; like their food are either ok only or really cannot make it. Speaking of these, cher and i had lunch at cups ‘n’ canvas the other day. Honestly the food is meh~ i think i cook better pasta. even the sweet potato latte was a bit overrated, tasted more like potato milk =( if u’re looking for lunch with that dhoby gaut area, i’d recommend Tea Party at SMU (LOVEEEEE their aglio olio), Aroy Dee near Wilkie Edge and Fortune Center which has a variety of nice cheap food.

But ya so i was saying, some cafes should step up on their food quality.


But anyways Maple and Market offer baking class so i guess u can check them out if u’re interested.

Then, if u think we’re done, u’re wrong! considering the amount of food we ate so far, what we’re having for dinner is a bit atrocious..


MOOKATA!!!! crazy right!? i’m also amazed that we still had space for it. But anyway we bus-ed back to Boat Quat for Tom Yum KungFu. Cheap and nice, generous serving of lard (fried lard!!!) A much better experience than the last mookata i went.


i don’t know why MooJaa has such good reviews but in my opinion it’s a bit sucky? lik the ordering is quite incovenient (have to connect to their wifi then go their site to order and somehow only 1 phone can connect) and one of the staff was super rude and annoying. My friends and i were 1st timers there so we weren’t sure bout everything and she was lik “huh u all dunno have to order through this?” then kindda impatiently help us with the connecting. when taking drinks order, some of us didn’t want but she insisted all must order if not all don’t order (wtf? ) then when all that was done, i went to the toilet and i saw and heard her bitching to her manager about our table. Just gave her a glare and asked the manager nicely where’s the toilet. But at least the manager was nice after that. lik we still had problems trying to order from the site so she just took our order straight, even tried to compensate us with a serving of papaya salad.


BUT in conclusion i will never go back to Moojaa cos it’s quite expensive for mookata buffet ( 8 person eat, still comes up to 40++?!), jus go Tom Yum Kung Fu, you jus order your food in sets (3 of us eat only $17 eac) or golden mile.

Yeap that concludes our eating expedition, with us going home smelling like bbq but satisfied!

now i’m looking forward to KBBQ with them next wk =P

p/s: the detoxing diet this wk was a torture but the results is visible! like i no longer have back fats (lol!) collar bone and jaw lines more prominent and complexion seems brighter, worth it~

Lunch date: Symmetry



After hearing about it so much, i finally went Symmetry today! As usual brunch/ hao liao date is jolene :)


Kindda like the place cos it’s so chill in a indie way, like u kindda wanna doze off in it’s chillness. Not like white fluffy cosy-ish setting but more like a rustic feel





Anyways the brunch is only available on weekends so we came for lunch instead. But cos we reached pretty late in the afternoon, only their starters, bread menu and waffle are available. Worse part (for jolene only actually cos im not a coffee fan) their coffee machine broke down lol! Also we had a bimbo moment! Cause most cafe require us to go to the cashier to order, we went to the coffee bar area assuming that’s the cashier, but actually they will come to u to take order so yeap! Lol!

I ordered the Duck & Apricot Croissant while Jo ordered the Roast Beef Panini. Also ordered the Vanilla Cereal Milkshake and i love it!



And being quite a fan of duck, i like their duck croissant! The croissant is buttery, outside crispy but a bit chewy! And the duck…flavourful and soft! On the side the salad is not over-dressed and the fries is crispy and fluffy. Worth every cent paid for bread :)


(Inside of the sandwich)

Over lunch we were talking bout how rude most singaporeans are, gonna talk bout it in a seperate entry cos its gonna be long. But bottomline is no matter how rich u are, how high your education level is, if u are rude , u are still a piece of shit

Had a mini photoshoot outside the cafe after…



Ootd for today! Got the dress from Ninthstore; Floppy hat, celine-inspired bag, shades and chain-over loafers from taiwan.


Jo being more 淑女 for once. Pwetty girl~


Oh ya this crazy girl ask me to waack to CNY song and she saw these orange plants outside the cafe and really jump on the idea! Thank god i couldn’t find the song else throw face max! Somemore wear untill so mod to do *siao bo*


*insert quote of choice*







thats all kthxbye!