8 emojis that should had made the list

1) The “Fuck you” / “fuck off”


I think cos they have to make Whatsapp PG. But i think this is really applicable when your friends said something really stupid Or when you have that weirdo texting you and u have no idea how reply him without sounding rude. Well, a picture speaks a thousand words


2) The “what…the……..”


Adopted from anime, the one emoticon to tell someone u’re in a cranky mood. Or when anything someone says instantly tick you off



3) The i-heard-you-but-i’m-pretending-i-din-hear / nonchalant


The moment you Know the subject is directed at you but u really don’t wanna acknowledge it

gf: Baby, if only i can get that bag~
*u insert the emoticon cos u know she’s hinting you*

bf: Babe it’s long time since we, you know..
*u insert emoticon cos you know what he means and u’re just not in the mood

Friends: Wa someone just won the lottery hor *few sentences later* we should go somewhere eat ah, the richest person should treat hor *u insert the emoticon cos you know they’re referring to you*

or you can use it when friends friendly-insult you indirectly



4) The T_T

In times of crisis

In times of desperate need

In times of ultimate failure

you get it.

5) The “hmmm not bad”

This is adopted from the Obama-not-bad meme. But because of my noob drawing, it looks like an extremely-worried-until-become-old emoticon. Well you get the drift as to when to use this.

 Also can pass off as a “er ok can” but with loads of doubts.

6) The “i’m so touched im tearing”

Ever have someone done something for you or said something to you and you got so touched, it almost brings you to tears? yeap this is it!

Whatsapp only has the “laugh until cry” emoticon, which is not appropriate for such situations cos people might think u’re being rude.

7) The super satisfied / zen face

The face says it all

8) The “ahaha! Fuck you in your face”

When you got your sweet revenge against your arch enemies,

When someone insults you but u’re not bother at all,

also can be used in the situations of trolling..