The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Losing Weight- 5 Golden Rules

On and off i’ll blog about non-fashion related things and today is one of those days. But anyway, for the longest while, my weight has been shuffling between 47-49kg, when I really aimed to be like 45kg and below.  And recently I just weighed in and I”m around 45.5kg (woohoo!) No, I’m not anorexic. It’s just when you had hit that weight before, you know you can do it and somehow I feel better about myself when I’m more petite. Like I feel more agile and confident.

So basically, I know a lot people have trouble losing weight because

a) Lazy to exercise

b) Cannot give up on food

Trust me, I have those same problems too! I’m thoroughly lazy in fact. So one day I just thought, since I have no time am lazy to go run or gym or exercise, I should do something about my diet. If you’re lazy like I am, just follow these 5 golden rules and you’ll lose about 3kg in 2 month at least (at least that’s what happened to me) without exercising!


1) Eat till you’re not hungry, not eat till you’re full.

This golden rule allow you to eat, but you just have to watch your portion. The truth about our body is, our brain is a bit slow to register how much food we really ate before it send signals to our stomach saying “stop!! you’re filling up!”. So when you eat till you feel full, you’ll end up feeling super bloated!

And when that happen, you stomach expands. That means next time you’ll have to eat more to feel satisfied. Yet, since you don’t work out, you’ll just accumulate a lot of unwanted calories, causing you to gain more weight. So remember, once you stop feeling hungry, you can stop yourself from eating more!

This is the biggest contributor to my weight loss actually. These days I tend to eat lesser and I also realise i feel more energetic because I’m not too stuffed.

2) Drink loads of liquid

By liquid I mean (in order of importance and intake): Water, Green Tea, Fruit Juice

Healthy liquids help to fill you up and technically will help you to lose weight. Green tea is known to increase your metabolism and sort-of help you lose tummy fats. And by green tea i meant the freshly brewed kind, not the bottled ones! And for fruit juice, I’d usually go towards the sour spectrum because those’ll really help you lose weight. Alternatively, try Red dragonfruit + mango + chinese pear; I accidentally discover this combi that not only taste good, but also has a detoxifying effect more effective than Skinny Mint.

Also, sometimes you’re really not hungry, just dehydrated but your brain just sends the wrong signal. So instead of grabbing a snack, drink a few glasses of water first. If half an hour later you’re still feeling hungry, maybe energy bar or fruit to snack on. When you’re lazy to exercise, it’s all about making healthy food choices already

3) Cut down on unhealthy food

Yes I know this is one of the hardest but SERIOUSLY, you can’t have the best of both world! Either you work out or you control your diet. And honestly, making the right diet choices is more effective than a hardcore workout routine.

I have a weakness for cakes and fried chicken wings…

but I limit them to once a week and on normal days I try to eat healthy stuff like salad or Chai fan with loads of veggies. One thing I realise since i cut down on snacking is, I get lesser cravings  and even when I do eat my “cheat-meals”, I don’t binge out like crazy and still follow rule one. Eventually I really stop thinking about snacking entirely. Also, I’ve also cut down eating processed food like instant ramyeon and luncheon meat (both are my favourites!!) because these are packed with sodium and eating too much will cause water retention.

4)  Ignore the negative voices

I HATE it when people go “wa your determination damn strong eh, if it’s me I really cannot“. Hmm well that’s your business isn’t it? Either you can keep envying me or you just step up and do it too DUH.

And also people who go “why make it so hard on yourself, just eat what you want !“.
Sorry dude, it may be difficult for you but I have NO issues with my diet choices. In fact I really enjoy my diet and I also don’t waste unnecessary money on food. In short, I just eat to live.

These are just some examples of negative voices, but you see how I counter them? Don’t be affected by other’s opinion for the (right) choices you make for yourself. If you know what’s good for you, just pursue it!

5) Don’t eat carbs after 8pm

This is also one of the biggest contributor to my weight loss! I forgot what’s the reasoning behind it but it’s like carbs, if not expensed as energy, would be stored as fats in your body. And by 8pm you’ll probably wouldn’t be very active and will sleep in a few hours times. So the carbs you ate will definitely become fats.

If you really have no choices, like you end work late or what, try to eat protein instead of carbs; like meat or just fruits and veggies will be even better.

So that’s it! It’s my lazy guide to losing weight.

Actually, ever since I’ve got my eating habit under control, I’ve reach the point where i wonder how people can binge on unhealthy food everyday! When I binge too much, I can literally feel the fats swimming to my thighs and I’ll feel very sluggish.

Then after that I will be stricter with my diet and liquid intake for the next few days. So, not being offensive but I have to say it because it’s a fact…I dunno how people can let themselves become morbidly obese…

HOW!? It’s like they’ve given up (huh!?)

This post is not aimed to psycho you or set unrealistic body image for girls out there. To me, losing weight is not just about looking good and fitting into petite clothes It’s about being healthy. As you can see, the 5 rules are all about healthy lifestyle and food choices that will help you lose weight. So not only will you get your ideal weight, you’ll also transform your body into a healthier one too!

Of course it’ll will be even more effective if you do cardio at least ONCE a week. For me I dance once a week and it’s cardio enough for me. It helps when you pick up something fun and enjoyable so you wouldn’t find it a chore to exercise.

Ultimately, I feel you just need to be determined for 3 weeks to form the habit and reboot your body and there after, everything will fall naturally! It helps too when you have a buddy to do this with you so you’ll motivate each other. #projectloseweightbehealthy guys! *fighting*