#323- Making Knee Pads look good

TOP: Polka Dot bralet
OUTER: Army Green MA-1
BOTTOM: Black Faux Leather Skirt from H&M
SHOES: Puma Suedes

So after 4 days of hardcore training, I think I’ve really strained my knee and today was the first day of the show haha =X but I managed fine!

But yea had to wear the kneepad the whole day so that I don’t feel so much of the ache.

Then one kind man gave his seat to me on the train. It was a good day today :)

And this was what I changed into at night, too tired and lazy to change out of my whole costume so I only changed the top. Invited some stares cos I believe most Singaporeans still cannot accept this? Don’t care tralalala~

Ok it’s gonna be a crazy day for me tomorrow, waking up at 6am for company event then heading to YFEST straight after X_X