And so i heard Germany won the Cup. Didn’t watch the match cos i had to wake up really early this morning for work  (the match was 2.45am here in Singapore =.=) not that i was remotely interested though. Soccer is just one game i’ll never understand somehow …

l . o . l
Today’s outfit features pieces from all my favourite blogshops!


TOP: Leather Biker Jacket from Wonderstellar, White cut-out cropped top from YoungHungryFree
BOTTOM: Gingham Midi Skirt from TheTinselRack
SHOES: White loafer platforms






In other news, my second feature with AFSTREETSTYLE is up! go read it here! pardon the grammar errors cos i was trying to answer really quickly lol.



Ended the day with a minor dislocation and acute muscle strain in my left wrist. Glad it was nothing too serious;  the sinseh managed to push back my wrist and just needed to rest my wrist after that and there was no bandage. Wouldn’t say whats the cause of it, but it’s a very disheartening and disappointing one. “Great” start to the week huh?