Guess Who’s Writing For One Of Streetwear’s Biggest Online Publication?

I’m back! I know I haven’t update this page in a long time. Guess I’m pretty much taking a hiatus. Not because I’ve ran out of ideas to write, it’s more like I haven’t found the time and energy to sustain writing!

Oh ya quick update. Earlier this month, a friend of mine told me that one of streetwear’s biggest online publication is hiring people to expand their editorial team. I didn’t think I would stand a chance but hey, no harm trying right? So I sent in my CV along with links to 3 of my articles here. Following that was a few days of phone calls, email exchanges, and a submission of more samples.

And guess what now? I’m a contributor for HYPEBEAST! Ok specifically I’m writing for the female division, HYPEBAE. So well, in case you do miss my writing, you can still hop over there and read the articles written by me. Until I’ve gotten used to the pace there and relieve myself of writer’s fatigue*, I doubt I’ll be updating here for a while.

TIll then!

*I don’t know if it’s a real thing but I don’t know how some people can blog some more after a full day of writing. Like I just feel my brain frying up while I stare at the blank page here. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back!

RADIKAL FORZE JAM 2016- Asia’s Biggest, Freshest Dance Festival (and Party) EVER

And you’ll be regretting if you’re not down for it!

Started out as an annual break-dancing competition in collaboration with the anniversary of Singapore pioneer bboy crew, Radikal Forze Crew, Radikal Forze Jam is now possibly the BIGGEST and DOPEST dance festival in Asia.

(Click to Enlarge)

The 3-Day event will see intense battles in BBoy, Popping and All-style* categories; including crew battles and 7-to-smoke** battles. This of course has attracted dancers from ALL OVER the world to take part.

You must be thinking, the prizes must be damn good that’s why RF Jam is getting so much attention, right? But guess what? It really isn’t about the prize (bragging rights, hello!) but everyone’s coming together for the love of the culture, and just the sheer craziness of this jam.

But really, the biggest highlight of every RF Jam has got to be the parties. You don’t know what is a real party until you come for at least one RF Jam party.  If there’s anything you can’t miss, it’s the Closing Hancai Beach Party on Day 3.

Imagine, real dopeass music from international DJs, people from all over the world from different cultures coming together, it is as crazy as it gets. Check out the vid below to get an idea what it’s gonna be like!

From now till 13th Mar, you can get your RF Jam tickets online for only $45 for a 3-day pass (door sales are going at $50, single day pass are going at $20-30). Whether you’re a dancer or not, I strongly urge you to come jam and party with us. I promise it’ll be the best decision you’ll make this year.

For more information about the event, visit the offical Radikal Forze Jam website here

*All-style : Dancers can dance any styles in the battle, but they’re judge on how well they adapt their dance to the music played. Which isn’t always easy

** 7-to-smoke: 8 dancers in total, the winner will be the dancer who wins over (smoke) the other 7 dancers / accumulate the most wins in a time limit.

Photoshoot Collab 01- @a.series

Last week, I had the honor to collaborate with one of my favourite photographers in Singapore for a photoshoot- Melissa LCL!

More known for taking photographs for local dance events, almost every dancer in Singapore can tell you that Mel takes some of the best pictures. Right now, she’s trying to expand her portfolio to shooting portraits and other subjects and perspectives.

I’ve always liked Mel’s style because somehow, she always manage to catch people at their best angles. So of course I was really psyched when she say she wanted to work with me!

Scroll down to see my favourite shots from the shoot!

Photographer: Melissalcl
Post – processing: Steph L.

This picture got me my 5th feature on Snobshots! Click on the image to check out the article!

And here are some of the edits by Melissa herself

Check out the rest of her edit HERE. or mine over HERE

And by the way, don’t forget to check out her instagram to see more of her amazing work!

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MA-1, more than just a “Bomber” jacket

MA-1s (MA-2), or Bomber Jackets, is probably THE jacket to have in the streetwear scene now. Despite its long military history, the jacket extrudes a sporty vibe and is highly versatile when it comes to styling.

KITH Classics Astor MA-1 Jackets

Yea you heard right, the MA-1 is indeed a military jacket; used by Air Forces around the world in fact. And way before there was the MA-1, its predecessors made their claim in the modern fashion scene as well. Starting as a jacket to suit the cramped and freezing cockpit, MA-1 are now uber popular in everyday wear.

Kendell and Gigi sporting MA-1s

Started from the early 30s with the A2 Flight Jacket…

As seen in Pearl Habour

Characteristics: Made of goatskin / horsehides. Neck flap that folds down to collars. Snap-flap patch pockets

to the B15 Flight jacket in the 1940s (with the discontinuation of the A2)

B15 by Alpha Industries

Green B15 by Alpha Industries

Characteristics: Cotton Shell, later changed to Nylon (Nylon was discovered after WWII). Fur-lined collar. Zipper closure. “pen” zip pockets on left sleeve. “slash” pockets

And finally the MA-1 we see today.

Characteristics: Made from high quality nylon with polyester interlinings in bright orange. Knit collar. Otherwise everything else is similar to a B15.

Although the bomber jacket is better known as the MA-1, I’d say most retailed jackets are actually MA-2s. The difference is MA-1 are made with a bright orange inner lining, whilst the inner lining of MA-2 matches the color of the shell (exterior). Complex has penned down a brief history of the design evolution of this jacket. Read it here and be amazed. I mean I’m amazed because, considering they were fighting a war, they still manage to come up with something that is functional yet stylish, Agree?


P/s But seriously, they need to bring back the A2 more because it’s fly af. I would buy that, wouldn’t you?

Btw, a bomber jacket and a varsity (letterman) jacket are 2 different styles ok. More or that next time!