How to take Self-Timer OOTD like a Pro

LOL never has it occured to me that  I will eventually do an actual post for this. But this is dedicated to my trusty NX Mini that decided that it can no longer take anymore falls and just kindda shattered after taking it’s last dive after this picture. But seriously my NX mini has been with me since the start of #mianbaoootd :( *cues funeral salute*


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So really, taking your own OOTD is not that difficult. I’d rather use a self timer than asking someone to help me take it sometimes because it’s less awkward? Until some passer-by decide to walk past. But who cares right! They probably bitch and laugh about you for a while before moving on to other shallow and superficial gossips =X

1) Get a Camera with flip screen

Because you need to be able to see yourself while posing. I just got another NX 500 because I’m too used to Samsung Camera. But I think Olympus, Fuji has them too. Will not recommend cameras like the Casio TR-series because for me, I still want a legit camera with functions other than taking selfies- makes your money more worthwhile.

2) Choose Your Location. And no, you don’t need a tripod

Ideally somewhere with a ledge or some sort of platform where you can put your camera. As you saw in the video I put my camera atop a draw string bag. I use the drawstring to help elevate the lens to keep it straight so it doesn’t point downwards.

Learning to angle your camera takes awhile but once you get the hang of it, you will start to become “creative” in how you do it (as seen at 0:48 of the video )

3) Set your self timer, and change the focus to ‘Continuous Auto Focus’

This also affects you choice of camera. There are cameras out there that does not let you customize the timer duration. For Samsung cameras, you get a full 30 secs timer so well, you can slowly stroll to your location and adjust your pose.

Instead of using Single Auto Focus or Manual Focus, use the Continuous Auto Focus mode so that when you move back into frame, the camera will focus on you again.

4) Edit the shit out of your photos

It helps when you’re bloody good at editing because even programmed settings on your camera has limitation. Some apps I use are Snapseed, Beauty Cam (Mei Yan Xiang Ji) and the tools provided in Instagram app itself.

Most importantly, edit the crop of your pictures. For example..

This is what you see on my instagram


It seems like i’m sitting at a higher ledge and someone is taking from a lower level right?

Here’s the original picture..


LOL! Just sitting on a low wall at the carpark =P. So yea, cropping helps to “cheat” perspective.

Anyway, just saying, self-timer skill is also useful when you need to take group pictures ok!
OK that’s all for self-timer 101. Now stop judging me (!!) can take some kickass self-timer pictures!

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