What’s the Hype over Rihanna’s Latest Fenty PUMA Fall/Winter Collection

Since the collection debuted at NYFW earlier this year in February,  Rihanna’s Fenty PUMA 2016 Fall/Winter collection finally made its way to our shore. The collection has officially launched in Singapore and is now available at Pedder on Scotts, and soon to be available at Limited Ed Chamber at Marina Bay Sands from September 9.

But seriously though, besides the fact that Riri headed the creative direction of the whole collection, is it really worth the hype? Let’s take a look at the full collection below:

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The songstress/creative director took inspiration from Japanese street culture, infusing them with her personal style to create pieces with gothic undertones and exaggerated proportions. Pushing the boundaries of her designs for the sports label, Riri is certainly bringing PUMA onto a different level with such bold designs and luxurious fabric choices.

However though, while some pieces hold their own and are really worth the stacks, others are well…questionable? Like why would you pay USD$80 for an oversized crew neck T-shirt!?

Aside from that perplexing excuse of a garment, I’d think Riri could have done an even better job with the use of Japanese elements. Using the words “秋の冬”, which literally translate to “Autumn/Winter’s”, seemed kindda tried-hard. It’s like if she was going to make a Spring/Summer collection then she’ll use “春の夏”, get what I mean?

That’s the thing about Westerners appropriating Asian culture, it is always very superficial when there is so much more depth to the varying Asian cultures. As Sasa and Keff from Shock and Awe mentioned in an interview with Highsnobiety about whether streetwear objectifies Japanese culture, brands are using Japanese characters just “make the design look “edgier.” I do have to give props to Riri though, at least her characters has a meaning to it and not some random Katakana words.  That said, delivering the principle of what PUMA stands for in Japanese would have been more impactful than simply listing the season down.

While those are the minor ticks that made me question the collection, I have to say the silhouettes are unarguably unique; with the mix of Kimono shapes with sports apparels. If I have to get something from the collection, I would consider copping the Rising Sun Lacing Sweatshirt, the Kimono Long Sleeve Top / Super Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top, and just maybe the Tricot Track Jacket.

Is the collection worth the hype though? I’d say 60-40. For one, at least this collection beats the Yeezus Merch in terms of design and quality, and you could see Rihanna in the designs yet it does not overshadow  PUMA’s sporty aesthetics. However, you have to admit that this is just going to be a fad that’ll will die out in a couple of months.

Besides fashionistas who are already inclined towards the Japanese-Goth aesthetics or true PUMA fans who would level up the look of this collection, I cannot say the same for others. I’ll think most people are just going to buy the pieces to blast their social media hoping for a feature on Hypebae or Snobshot because it’s the IN-thing now.  #justsayingnothating.

Nonetheless, do check out the collection at Pedder on Scotts and Limited Ed and let me know what you think too! Meanwhile, take a look at the official campaign for the collection below as Rihanna goes full out Nihon in it. (Asian models yasssss)

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Pedder on Scotts
6 Scotts Rd, 04 – 07 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

Limited Ed Chamber
Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Ave, 23 Marina Bay Sands
Singapura 018972


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