I’m finally back after exactly 2 months! Life has been really crazy busy but I’ve met and worked with so many people and I’m really grateful for everything’s that happening to me now and the people I’ve met. For one, I got to know another amazing photographer Christopher and had the honor to shoot with him. All I can say is, Chris is a very underrated photographer. He really has a keen eye for perspective (which is really important in my opinion) and I adore his post-processing style, which was probably the main reason I decided to work with him. Check out the photos below to see the product of his work!


It’s crazy how this shot turned out because of how he caught the lighting!

(Such a bummer that PS downgrade the quality when I export it as a gif)



So far when I’ve worked with Melissa, I’ve always been more spontaneous; I would just go “let’s climb this wall” or “I can step into the fountain” or “do you want me to lie on the road?”. So I think I kindda scared Chris with my overwhelming enthusiasm when I proposed to make use of the abandoned cola fridge we saw standing in the alley haha. But hey, seemed like most people liked the concept !

(yeap, when you’re petite enough you can fit in most small spaces)

For one, I always believed (after watching too much ANTM) that the subject/model and the photographer have to help inspire each other during a shoot. So I feel it always better to give way more and tone it down if we need to, than just playing it safe. Because even then, the photographer will run out of perspectives he can work with.


Chris had deactivated his Instagram account for personal reasons. However, you can still check out his work and contact him at his website here!

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