5 Streetwear Labels To Check Out- Girls Edition

Ok to be VERY VERY VERYYYYYYY honest, I was a bit apprehensive to write this post because I get a wee bit protective towards girls wearing streetwear. As in, I’m perfectly cool with girls wearing streetwear. I’m just not that happy with the wannabe girls that only wears stuff like stussy and *eeks* HBA and claim they love streetwear so much- or worse, wear knock-offs

But the street culture is all about sharing and I’m nice, I’m doing this for the benefit of girls who truly appreciate streetwear and are looking for more options

Because besides Stussy, Supreme, Bape, Lazy Oaf and Obey, there are a whole lot more brands out there. While streetwear is dominated by brands designing mainly for boys, even if they have the girl’s line, most of the time it’s like a guy-designing-for-girls kind of clothes. But fret not, streetwear labels for girls are growing in numbers over the years (yay for us!)

So here are 5 brands you should check out! (of course there’s more but I like to test response first haha)


I only knew about this about 5 years back when I saw one of my girlfriends wearing it. Founded in 2004 by Leah McSweeney, she was tired of streetwear’s exclusion of girls, leading her to create the label.

As the name may suggest, MTTM has a bad ass, feminist vibe that translates in their designs and visuals. Several collaborations with legendary brands such as Nike, Reebok and Kaws helped the brand established its presence  in the streetwear scene.

It’s a love/hate for me towards MTTB, I think i just outgrew the stage of wearing clothes with words like “bitch” and “f*cK” strewed across it. But if you have no qualms for these, you’ll love MTTB.


This is probably the first female streetwear line I encountered in the earlier days. Founded in 1994 BY Kim Gordon and Diasy Von Firth, X-girl started as the female line for the LA’s men streetwear brand X-large. X-girl was all about “making things that were not  cool, cool” ” It was all about taking things that were not punk rock, not indie rock, not hip-hop — and making them that.”

X-girl was one of the first streetwear lines to become big in Japan (among other streetwear giants such as Supreme and BAPE). Today, you’ll only find X-girl stores in Japan. But of course, there are international dealers around the world; As for Singapore, you can find them at JRunway at Plaza Sing (but I have to say the stuff they bring in are pretty old; you’ll better luck on X-girl’s official website and Rakuten).

(pictures from x-girl official website)

What I like about X-girl is they stayed true to their design aesthetic, which is still the vibrant kind of streetwear I’ve liked. I mean, I can only wear that much black/white before I get sick of it. It’s more girly and fun with their slightly loud colors and prints.


LA-based label Joyrich is perhaps your next favourite if you like brands like Lazy Oaf. Sporting loud designs and prints in their aesthetics, it’s no surprise why Joyrich is also a favourite among celebrities, such as Rita Ora and Rihanna.

I’ve heard about Joyrich a few years back was too blown away by their overwhelming visuals (lol, x-girl is my happy middle), even now I still think it’s a bit loud but they have some really sick collaboration collectons, with the recent Coca-cola one being my favourite

Joyrich x Disney 2014

Joyrich x Coca Cola 2015 How can you not love those jeans!!

Now, if prints and colors are not your thing, and you prefer the more minimal, black/white or grungy style- please promise me you will not wear HBA, and consult these 2 brands instead.

(I don’t anti-HBA per se, but there’s barely any design element in there. OK personal taste situation, but HBA is really overrated in my opinion)


HLZBLZ, or hellzbellz, is a NYC brand that will probably draw the attention of girls who dig the 90s street goth style. Not saying they’re entirely that but HLZBLZ aesthetics draws inspiration from all things subversive, resulting in statement pieces that screams “female empowerment”.


Another street label from the great city of LA, home to several others, DIMEPIECE may be young (started in 2007) but they are fast becoming a favourite among celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Rihanna, Elli Goulding, Jessie J, Katy Perry and many more.

Founders Ashley Jones and Luara Fama  wanted DimePiece to embrace and express female empowerment through their merchandise. Well, that’s the direction most female streetwear brands are going isn’t it. But, how should I put it, Dimepiece seems more “refined” in their message, with statements such as “ain’t no wifey” and the womanhood collection to back that. Well, let’s just say Dimepiece is going to be my next go-to label now.

What’s your favourite on the list? Or do you have any favourites to add to the list?



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