#SNOBSHOT, not once but..

Among all the things that happened in my blog-inactivity days, one of the most exciting thing that happened was being featured on HighSnobiety’s “10 Best #Snobshots of the week”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.03.33 pm

Ok why am I making a big deal about this? If you are unfamiliar with Snobshots, it is highsnobiety’s  global street style page, highlighting the best in user-submitted images. And if you’re a streetwear enthusiast, you will know that High Snobiety is one of the better known Street-Style blog out there among the likes of HYPEBEAST and VICE.

So to be featured on it is A HUGE DEAL!! (ok just let me bask in this even if you don’t get it). Best part is, I was featured not once, but twice! Here and here , amongst some of my favourite streetwear stylers too.

Here are the 2 looks that got featured anyways..

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.44.24 pm

Hat & Tee- Stussy / Jogger pants- Aforarcade / Shoes- Puma

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 7.43.48 pm

Ma-1 / Pink Dress- Aforarcade / Shoes- Nike Air Huarache

(oh i just realised both outfits feature Aforarcade too lol)

So anyway, it was after these 2 features that I decided I found my calling in blogging- as in I found my direction.

Streetstyle Blogging, that it is.

For the record, from the beginning of time, I always defined streetstyle as a fashion style where you don on street brand labels, brands that originated from the streets; not those outdoorsy-OOTD style you always see. I have no idea how that became defined as “streetstyle”

This is not #streetstyle…

this IS #streetstyle. OK at least people haven’t invaded the #streetwear tag yet. feat @mr_kee

And of course I’m going to do it a bit differently because streetwear is predominantly a men’s world. But hey, the girls are stepping up. So in my sense of writing and styling, it’s gonna be more targeted to the ladies- but i’ll try to keep it as gender-neutral as possible because streetwear is for everyone isn’t it?

Of course, once in a while I’ll post stuff about the streetdance scene in SG because you don’t really suppose streetwear is all about skateboarding etc right? Where do you think hiphop dance and bboy came about?

So yeap! till then guys!


3 thoughts on “#SNOBSHOT, not once but..

    • mianbaobreadpan says:

      Thanks so much! I would really had wanted to continue on fashion blogging but so many people (or so they claim to be “fashion bloggers”) are doing it and it’s not my forte. I just checked out your articles (sorry it took so long) and I really like your insights :)

      • singapore_style says:

        Glad you like my articles, thanks 😊
        And yes; there are lots of ‘fashion bloggers’ out there but I think that if you have a unique angle or concept it’s still worth the effort of writing, so why not. As I said, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do. 👍

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