4 Legit Websites for Girls To Get Fresh Kicks

Recently I’ve been on a roll with my kicks purchase. So much so that my kicks are outnumbering my heels and other girly shoes, because why not? Sneakers are the most comfortable thing EVER!

And of course i managed to cop some of the more popular sneakers that seemed to be out of stock everywhere in Singapore, i.e. Adidas stan smith and Adidas Superstar II in the classic colorway. Best part is I managed to get them in MY size.

You know how hard it is for girls with my feet size at all!? In fact most of the nice kicks run in men size all the time only. And if they do run in women size, you can never find them in Singapore #bummers. Ya that’s where it sucks to be a girl.

Anyway, a few people had been asking me where I managed to buy my shoes so I decide to share with everybody so for once and for all, we can all eliminate the agony of not copping our favourite kicks.

But first, PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS APP. It’s the best app ever if you’re into sneakers because sizes run differently across brands, models and series. E.g. You could wear a EU37 for Nike AF1 but you fit a 36 2/3 for Adidas


All you need to do is

  1. Check the size and model of your best fitting sneaker
  2. Enter this data into the app as your reference size
  3. Search the model of the sneakers you wish to buy
  4. App automatically makes the best recommendation

Yea! So heads up to my friends who ask me to help them buy shoes and you don’t know your size, go download the app and USE IT!

And here are the websites that guarantees that you can find your dream Kicks


Make sure you’re login to Gmarket Korea site and not Q100 or whatever its local equivalent is. I guess because streetwear is more prevalent in Korea, chances of them stocking in on sneakers is much higher. Besides, you get to find models and designs that are exclusive to Korea

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.58.56 pm

What I love about this is that the shipping comes wayyyyyyyyyy quickly! Using EMS as their courier, your order will arrive within 5 days or less. The first time i used it to order my Reebook Graphlite, they confirmed my order on 7th Oct, and I received it on 9th Oct (woots)

Take note that they are using JPN shoe sizing e.g. 230mm, 250mm etc. So you may still have to use this chart to convert your shoes size after using the fitting room app.

2. Rakuten JAPAN

Like Gmarket.kr, make sure you’re login to the Japan site. I haven’t used this in a while but the last time I was using it, you get to accumulate points to use on your next purchase and most of the time they have free shipping too. Of course, you’ll find Japan-exclusive models and designs here as well.


The only downside of using Gmarket and Rakuten is when you enter your search, you sometimes generate some irrelevant results, especially when your shoes are a rare model.


This Australia-based sneakers-exclusive webstore is probably a dream for sneakerheads to cop their shoes. If you subscribe to their mailing list, you’ll get first hand notice on when the next big hit is dropping. They even have a calendar on when which kicks are dropping at their webstore.


Not only can you find sneakers in men’s size, they even carry sneakers in women’s and kid’s sizes. So if you want to help a kid start their sneakerhead-ness early, get ’em kicks at footlocker.

4. FootAsylum

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 10.59.39 pm

Ok this is the LAST resort you have to go to if you can’t find your shoe anywhere. Because

  1. It’s a UK website, Euro is a bitch now.
  2. They are not very efficient in updating your order status, so you may not even know that your shoe has been shipped
  3. Their local courier is HORRIBLE. My stan smith came unscratched BUT the box was beyond salvage. Un-bonus they didn’t even leave any delivery advice or notice when nobody was around to collect. Nor did they contact to reschedule a redelivery and just showed up on their own.

Yea I don’t really have much praises for this but you sure can find the kicks you want over here.


ok, now go get them kicks and thank me later

6 thoughts on “4 Legit Websites for Girls To Get Fresh Kicks

  1. Yifang says:

    Hello! Would like to check with you how long did the delivery for your Stan smith took? I am keen in purchasing a adidas superstar from footasylum and I need it before I leave Singapore.
    Looking forward to your reply :) thanks in advance!

    • mianbaobreadpan says:

      Took about 1 mth aft all the delivery confusion. The UK side are quite helpful but SG side is almost uncontactable. Like i said, if you can find your superstar from the other sites, it’ll be better :) don’t forget to down half a size for your superstar cos the cutting does run slightly bigger; if not just get your true size and wear thicker socks if you’re not too sure!

      • Yifang says:

        Thanks for replying! :) The other websites do not have stock for my size apparently, so don’t have a choice haha. Do you know if any retail shops do carry adidas superstar range? Or only in Korea and Japan? What about Shanghai?

      • mianbaobreadpan says:

        Actually maybe you can try your luck at queensway shopping center or peninsula. Not too sure abt shanghai but i guess there will be sneaker shops selling them since they have the market there. Taiwan or hk will be ur best bet thou :)

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