After months, I finally managed to login back into my wordpress. I had no idea what happened but wordpress refused to let me login so I haven’t been able to update at all.

But heads up, more content coming to you in a bit. A couple of exciting news to share:

  • I’d hit and went well over #365ootd!
  • #SNOBSHOTS features
  • New career switch (yes definitely linked to fashion)
  • My calling in fashion blogging

Yes, now that I’ve found my direction in fashion blogging, my content will more or less be more structured now. But the direction I’m going for may be a bit niche, but definitely not a minority fashion style group.

So stayed tuned and watch out for my updates.

And in case you’ve forget how I looked, here’s a reminder (or really, you can just follow my IG for daily updates)


(@minpoh and I rocking @aforarcade at Her World Fashion Walk last weekend in our personal styles)



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