Hair Situation @ The Comb



About 2 weeks back, I got approached by a personnel from The Comb Hair Studio to do a review for their hair services. I was really in need of a hair cut and hair dye but before I agreed, I have to find out more about the salon because I’m really picky about the salons I go to.

I had been going to a salon in FEP for years, before I switched to Kizuki + L.I.M at Raffles Hotel. Mainly because my stylist at Kizuki was super meticulous when she’s cutting my hair. Something which is important for me because I love having a uniform hair length. It’s way more difficult to cut uniform length than layered length by the way.

So Yoko (my stylist) really proved to me that she’s a really skilled stylist and I know my hair would be in good hands with her. Also, Kizuki had also to helped me achieve the ash hair color I’ve used to love without damaging my hair. So my hair had been in good health for a long time since I stopped going to FEP.

So, the 2 main things I look out for in a salon is

1) Skilled stylist

2) Hair Dye treatments that don’t kill your hair.

Now, bringing back the focus to The Comb Hair Studio. I found out that they are a Korean brand, so scoring one point on that. I mean you have to agree with me that Korean and Japanese Salons are generally better than the local / malaysian salons in terms of the products they use and the services they provide. Even you would have trusted a Korean / Japanese salon wouldn’t you?

Then, checking out their insta page. I literally lusted over the feed! I mean all the colors they can do!? Even spotting the Ash Blue color I’ve been dreaming of for a while.

(click to enlarge)

And reading the reviews of these people, it does seem that their dye jobs are legit and the hair don’t look damaged even after a few days (yea I went to stalk the customers to make sure =X) Also, you can see some of the short hair styles are very well-trimmed. I’m sold

So with that, I agreed to head down to get my hair down!

Located at 12 Gemmil Lane, it is near the CBD area. So OLs and people working around the area of Raffles and Telok Ayer will find it very accessible. On top of that, it’s also near Duxton area; consider cafe hopping after pampering your hair?


Simple interior with a cozy vibe


Apparently the salon is really big on providing the best experience for their customers. I mean how often do you come across a salon that serves premium beverages like TWG tea and Nescafe coffee. I rejected their offer because I have my coffee with me already.

Also, everyone in the salon are really friendly so you don’t get this intimidating vibe that you sometimes get when you step into a new salon for the first time.


My stylist for the day was Henry, who had had experience working in big name salons in both Seoul and Shanghai. Told him that I wanted to have my helmet hair back, along with a Blue-tinted black hair.

He did advice if I was sure to go that dark because if I want to go lighter next time, I’ll definitely have to bleach and my hair wouldn’t be able to take it because it’s quite fine. But of course I’m quite persistent on it because I’ve really taken a liking for darker hair for a while, makes me look fairer too!

So here’s my hair before…


As you can see my hair has already started to fade to brown although I dyed it black at Kizuki about 1 month back only.


And here it is after!


See the blue hue in the black!? Yea see properly, it’s not jet black, it’s kind of blueish!


I super love the color! The blue-black was even better than the one I did over at Kizuki. In terms of cut, I told Henry if he could layer the insides so that the shape looks even (Cos that’s what Yoko did for me and the shape was on point) but he advised against it because it’ll affect the volume.

So comparing the 2 cuts from the different stylists…


I actually still prefer Yoko’s cut because I wanted the more boxy effect. Wherelse Henry’s cut is the more rounded version.

Side by side comparison between before-stepping-in and after-stepping-out

So what’s my verdict?

Haircut- If I have to compare salons, skills wise they’re definitely on par. Henry was also very meticulous when he was cutting my hair and trimming the ends so that I can get the uniform length that I want. However I still prefer the Japanese style over the Korean style. Not saying that The Comb is not good; it’s a personal preference! So if you really have a hairstyle inspired by a Korean, then consider heading over to The Comb.

Hair Coloring- The Comb Hair Studio wins this hands down. Because after almost 2 weeks, my shampoo foam is still blueish! So goes to show their colors are really lasting. You can check my instan feed and see for yourself that my hair is still really dark. On top of that, I recalled leaving the salon with my hair smelling fab! There wasn’t the “dye-smell” that you usually have after a dye job so that’s quite a plus for me too.


In conclusion,  would I recommend The Comb? Of course, for Korean-inspired hairstyles and hair coloring.

Would I go back again? Definitely, for their hair coloring and I’ll probably try out their treatments to compare with Kizuki because I’ve seen a few reviews raving about them.

If you like to make an appointment with them or find out more about their services, contact them at:

The Comb Hair Salon

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