#343- Stussy Love

If I can wear one street brand my whole life, it would be Stussy.

Anyway backstory to this particular piece. Just yesterday, some of us were hanging out after training at Cineleisure then Suria said “Let’s go Stussy”

The moment I stepped in, I spotted like at least 5 items I like. And incidentally influenced Suria and Guang Liang to become interested in some stuff. And then we have Alodie standing there constantly reminding me I’m out of job and I’m spending like crazy. In the end I came to terms to only buy this top :(

End of the day, please go sing “Hey Big Spender” to Suria guys…

This girl bought a bucket hat, a cropped tank, and the matching shorts to my top *claps*
Ok gonna go back for more when the new items launch. If only Stussy has a loyalty program *sigh*

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