Top 5 Blogshops in Singapore To Get Your Fashion Fix

I don’t know about you, but between shopping in a retail store and shopping online, I definitely prefer shopping online- it’s so much faster and neater!

I hate it when I step into, say Forever 21, and the racks are so messy! Then you need to spend time to browse through the whole shop and look for your size. It sucks the most when I’ve spent so much time and end up walking out empty handed because I can’t find anything I like nor a size that fits me- waste of my time =x.

Or sometimes, you end up buying more than you intended to because there are so many things to tempt you (LOL)

So yes, most of my clothes are bought from blogshops. And over the years of blogshopping, I’ve finally narrowed down my favourites and had been a regular to them ever since. Some I may not buy from them as regularly as the others, but these are the only 5 blogshops that I always go to to update my wardrobe. There’s a few common traits amongst these 5 blogshops that made me their fan and I think these are some of the things that many budding blogshops are lacking. But more on that later!

These 5 blogshops are very different in terms of product offerings but they somehow complement my personal fashion style very well! Much love goes out to them all!

(not ranked in any order because they’re all unique in their own way)


I’ve been with RWB for the longest time ever and what I love about them is their high-quality yet affordable clothes! And in the recent years, RWB had started manufacturing their own line- providing a wide selection of highly versatile and stylish basics that is essential in every girl’s wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.09.54 pm

When you talk about basics, most people think it’s ok to just grab a cheap piece from Cotton On. But to me, because it is a basic, you’ll probably wear it more often than all your other clothes combined. That’s why it’s important for them to be well-made, and produced from good materials.

Besides, RWB always reinvents basic silhouettes to make them more unique and sophisicated, taking inspirations from high-street designers and brands such as YSL and Dior. I’d think Swee (founder of RWB) is behind most of the design ideas and I respect her for her knowledge in fashion to produce such ready-to-wear pieces.

So if you like basics or a simple style, check out


Other than the fact that this is started by 2 of my favourite social media personalities, SEP is my go-to for minimalistic pieces.

For me, when it comes to minimalistic designs, it does not mean “plain”. I need to have textures, a unique cut, subtle details that make a minimal piece stand out; I think SEP did an amazing job in curating such pieces and now, they’re are even starting to manufacture their own designs that apply these factors!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.24.50 pm

Despite being a young one in the ecommerce scene, SEP had grown fairly quickly in terms of popularity- the popularity of the founders may had played a part at the start but SEP had much more to offer to carry them this far.

First of all, it’s definitely their customer service. Although they are very famous personalities, DX and Daryl are one of the nicest blogshop owners I’ve encountered!? Just an example among all, I once  abruptly received a call from Daryl and it took me awhile to process who was calling (haha) but the conversation went like this..

Daryl: Hi Steph! This is Daryl from Everyday People!

Me: Oh ok..hi~ (for a moment I forgot what’s everyday people)

Daryl: I’m very sorry but I’ve got bad news for you eh!! You know the white dress you ordered!? THE ZIP SPOIL!!!

Me: (sudden realisation who is on the line) OH!!!! huh omg I really loved that dress haha nvm it’s ok!

Daryl: Very sorry eh!!! Hmmm do you want us to do a refund ?

Me: Actually can I just keep the amount as credit? Since I’m always buying from y’all anyway haha

Daryl: CAN Can!!! so sorry again eh Steph

Me: It’s ok!!!

Tell me again how many blogshop owners would personally call to inform about a defective product? Yeap that was the most memorable incident I had haha. On top of that, it seems like they always send personalised reminders to their shoppers and timely updates for backorders if there was any delay or error in the order. Thumbs up for effort and personalised service :)

And, not forgetting that every SEP picture is a work of art. Their instafeed is a joy to view because the pictures are so nicely styled and taken! Slowly but surely, Everyday People is establishing a brand identity that speaks for itself.


While most people think that Kfashion is swag-style “hiphop”, HBA-wearing, over-accessorising style (i.e. what you see in kpop),  there’s another side of kfashion that is simpler yet chic at the same time. I don’t exactly know how to explain this style but I know this is it when I see it (haha).

It’s no surprise to me that Bxtwxxn will eventually venture into this direction because the shop owner is quite a fan of all-things Korean.

In terms of product style, Bxtwxxn is a bit similar to Everyday People but they have more variety. And the impression that Everyday People gives is more sophisticated, where else Bxtwxxn is more chic and casual.

BUT, bxtwxxn runs on a pre-order basis- this probably does not sit well for people who can’t wait. However, delivery is quite fast as the stocks usually arrive within 2 weeks of ordering and the clothes received are worth the wait!


and then, the even more outstandings ones- blogshops that packs a personality


I’ve only found out about Arcade a little less than 2 years back and I’ve been a fan ever since! I think I’ve almost always bought at least 1 piece from every launch because the clothes are so adorable and unique!

Arcade sings well with my personality the most, which eventually shows in my styling too. I remembered when I first entered their site, I like how there is a fun personality around it- preppy, girly, sprightly, that’s what you get when see Arcade.

From the clothes, the styling, the choice of models and the way they portray the clothes in the photos, it’s a whole package. Sometimes, I may find similar pieces on other blogshops but I will not feel as intrigued to buy as I was when I visit Arcade’s site because they don’t portray it the way that Arcade does.

And of course, Arcade is my go-to when I need to add colors into my wardrobe; loads of happy colors when you check out their site and instafeed!

Not forgetting that they are one of the few ecommerce sites that offers menswear. Even my boyfriend is pretty drawn to what they offer as well. If you’re not about being too serious, and love having fun with your clothes, head over to !


According to my boyfriend, I have this other side of me that is cool and feisty, probably explains why the clothes on YHF appeals to me too! The impression I get when I enter YHF’s site and see their clothing, is a very strong and cool character, somewhat like a biker / rocker chick.

The character of the brand speaks through its products- some boyish pieces to complement the feminine designs, choices of materials and fabrics that goes in line with the brand image (leather, plaits, mesh, metallics etc).

They may have some really sexy pieces but it’s the kind that reveals enough to leave room for  imagination and the styling diminishes any possibility of the clothes looking slutty.

So for all the cool babes out there, give Young Hungry Free a look and I’m sure you’ll love ’em too!


That’s it! Although I do highly recommend these ecommerce sites, I hope not too many of you are rushing to grab their clothes because I want some for myself too!

As mentioned, these 5 sites have a few common traits that made them stand out from the others

1) Brand Identity

More evident in Arcade and YHF, these sites have a distinct personality in their brands and that’s important because consumers are going to remember who you are rather what you offered. Like when I think of getting vibrant clothes, I’ll immediately go to Arcade without a second thought because I know I’ll find what I’ll want there.

Taken from Arcade’s 2014 Lookbook

Many budding blogshops are just blindly following trends and don’t have a distinct identity for themselves; consumers may easily forget about you when they see similar product offerings on another blogshop.

2) Unique products

Following the point where I mentioned that blogshops blindly follow trends, they end up selling the same stuff. and you know whats happens when too many shops sell the same thing? We price compare and see who offers it cheaper and buy from them instead.

Or even worse, as most blogshops get their stocks from BKK or taobao, most people would just buy it directly themselves, at a fraction of the retail price you’re offering.

While every other blogshops is selling black regular bodycon dresses, VGY designs and manufactures their own! Looks really upscale isn’t it? Kind of Balmain-ish Actually I may consider getting this now *errps*

So how do you become unique? Consider going to a different supplier to get your products OR style it differently from others OR manufacture your own line.

3) Good customer service

If  you keep your customers happy, they’ll keep coming back, ’nuff said.

I once had a terribly horrible experience with a blogshop and I swore never ever to buy from them again, no matter how nice the clothes are.

Also, people like to know that they are actually talking to a person.

Actual email conver. between YHF rep and I regarding an error in my order.

Actual email conver. between YHF rep and I regarding an error in my order.

I ever purchased clothes from a very famous blogshop in S’pore. I did measured myself accurately and ordered according to the stats provided on the site. But somehow when the clothes arrive, it did not fit very well.

When I emailed to ask if I could do an exchange (since the measurements were off), all I got was an automated reply saying that all stats on the site are accurate and I should had check before ordering- in other words, they’re just disclaiming the responsibility that they might had provided wrong stats, because a few of my friends encountered the same thing too. Since then, I hardly ever gone back to them again.

So yeap, that’s about what I look out for to know if a blogshop is good a not. Anybody can sell clothes but if you want to stand out in this highly competitive market, you really need to take these 3 points seriously.

And before I end off, I know there are several blogshops that are good in Singapore! But these are my top picks really because they are really my kind of style kk! Not saying that rest are not good alright! Need to disclaim first, just in case !

Have a blogshop you frequent to and highly recommend it?? Share with me in the comment section and tell me why you love them too!

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