#338- Monochrome Fever

Today I wore this get-up to a job interview.

I know, you’re probably going “WTH! what kind of job interview can wear like that!?”

Honestly I’m not too sure if this is a appropriate too but the thing is the brand I applied for is a Fashion brand, so I figured I need to showcase my styling somehow right!? Anyway it’s not that casual ain’t it. I wore my black loafers with this so it semi-casual *self-assuring*

With regards to the interview, I’m keeping my fingers crossed because it’s really a brand I hope to work for and my duties on the job are pretty much what I’ve enjoy doing- graphics and photo-enhancing.

I may not had received formal training in graphics but on and off I’d been learning and experimenting on my own time. Besides, there’s a difference between creating nice visuals and creating marketable visuals. So I guess my marketing knowledge will come into play for this.

BUT YES, please wish me all the very best that I get the position!!

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